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I received my order this week. Thank you very much. Trust me, I will be ordering again!!!!! My wife was more than suprised with the results and for me. I felt 18 years old again. Thank you so much. You will be hearing from me again:) ⇁
I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great. My wife thanks you, I thank you, the bed thanks you, the room , sheet, etc. ⇁
I have Received the Order .
Reveived the order quick as well .
Very Inpressed with the time of Delivery ⇁
Thank you for your follow up, I did receive the pills and had an opportunity to try them. I am very happy, so is my girlfriend.
Thanks ⇁
Dear Sir,

The order placed on the 19052006 was delivered within 7 days, a most impressive service. Be assured that when I decide to place further orders I will contact you again, and will inform my friends of your excellent service.

Many thanks ⇁
Your email was addressed as a survey and the only link was the one I am responding to now.
To question #1; Did I receive the medication shipment as ordered?
The answer is yes, and I was impressed with the time in which it was delivered to my home; only 10 days!
To question #2; did the medication meet my expectations?
Again the answer is yes! I was also impressed with your website which explains everything about ordering outside the U.S., quality of the medication made at the India labs, number(s) to call if the shipment is held up in Customs, and the ease in placing the order. ⇁
Good Morning:
The generic V is as expected, makes a good thing better, and the price is such that it is used all the time. Eliminates performance anxiety !
Thank you for your help. ⇁
Sincerely, Steve
just want to say thanks for your promt and efficient service. The tablets arrived well within the timeframe given. Have passed on your address, dont know wheather its been used or not.
Best regards. and happy St Patricks from the Irish in France. ⇁
Hi Thanks,
the order arrived last week no problems, the effect well. very busy now with my girlfriends. ⇁
I already received my parcel, I had a problem as the courier wanted to deliver to my home as they claim they cannot place the order into my postbox. This was my preferred option.
There is not someone at home always, so we had to get the parcel to my office. No problem with that.
I did have an enquiry into the 4 extra pills, and this was delivered within a few days via airmail to my post box.
I would suggest you attend to this part of your process as the extra cost is unnecessary. Include everything into one parcel.
All in all, good service. ⇁
Hi. thank you for sending the cialis I have received the ten pills you you sent and have tried them. They seem too work very well so if you would still like to send the balance of the order in cialis I would appreciate it. And thank you once again for all your help. It would be nice if there were more companys with customer support team as helpful as yours. Thanks again ⇁
Well, I must apologize I thought surely you were scamming me. But, all of a sudden, my mailbox overflows. I received one order on Thursday, 8 June, and then another on Saturday, 10 June. Almost 1 month from our first effort, but the postal service must be the culprits. With this double supply, you are now going to have to send me a couple of women, so the meds don't go to waste. How can we make this right? What would you like me to do? Thanks. I hope only good karma comes to you. ⇁
GOOD Day!!
Just to tell you the package arrived TODAY !!!
You are a very impressive company and I will surely pass the higest recommendation to my associates and friends.
Thanks again for your fast solutioin, As I am also in customer serivce, I really appreciate the care you have given , and promise to do the same to my customers. ⇁
I,HAVE RECEIVED THE PRODUCT. I tested it out and my date was tottally satisfied.She wants to get together now twice a week instead of only once.thank you for a life changing product.I ALLREADY enjoy my life but to bring joy to her is a great gift.plus with the dollars we save we can afford to go out. ⇁
satisfied customer stewart
MAN, i went thru those 30 tablets like nothing, WHEW, they were great. I could really use the other 60. I have to say your pills are one of the better generic viagras I have expereienced so far on my comeback trail. do you offer the the much quicker and more flavorful melt tabs. if you do, I would like to possibly upgrade on the remaining 60 (if they have not been shipped yet) It all depends on the price difference, just let me know. maybe we can work something out. ⇁
You guys were superb and true to your word, happy to be a reference for you any time and thank you ⇁
Excellent! I was able to purchase, do the task, and accomplished my time sensitive objective. Thank You very much. I have recommended your site to my fellow workers & partners. ⇁
Sincerely, CARLOS
thanks for the great job getting my medication to me. Your product is the same quality I was getting in the local pharmacy but your pricing has help me to better afford my medication. ⇁
The parcel has arrived today, thanks for your prompt delivery. The extra pack enclosed to the order is greatly appreciated. ⇁
Best regards, U Geilert
Yes I have received the product. It came just as you said it would. I'm very pleased with the delivery. I have not tried the product yet but will soon. If it is as good as your delivery I will be most happy and you will have a customer for a very long time. ⇁
Thank you
Thank you very much for your quick delivery. I already received my order about one week before. Thank you very much again for your kindly corporation. Best regards ⇁
Yes I received the order. It was a good deal . 60 pills for \$119. Is this offer still in place?? ⇁
I though the soft tabs would be strips that melted under your tongue. They are as you know just as hard as hard cialis however dissolve under the tongue in about 20 mins. The flavor is fine. Thanks for getting back to me, ⇁
Thank you. I have received my product with no problems and am very pleased of the bonus. Thank you once again. Shall be ordering in a few weeks.
I recieved the order just fine. They work Great. ⇁
Thanks, Larry
Many thanks for the coupon offer. The Viagra arrived on time. Doing business with your company was a pleasure.
Thank you very much, I recieved the 4 pills of cialis offered , plus some extra cialis and viagra. It has been a pleasure to deal with you. ⇁
Best wishes Mario
Thank you VERY much for your kind email, which explains everything. And for your continued good service, which has frankly saved my relationship with the woman I love.
Thanks very much for your kind email. I have been very very satisfied with your service and products indeed, they have saved my relationship, after serious psottrauamtic disorder after long periods serving in the wars in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.
It was perfect as expected and faster than i thought.
Yes, I received my order and it was much more descrete than getting it by certified mail. You have the best system.
We have received both parts of the shipment, and my husband and I are very satisfied with the product.
Hello , today i've received the package . All is ok . Thank You very much . I'm glad to work with You .
I recently placed an order with your company for some viagra and was very pleased however I accidently deleted your website for ordering could you please resend details?
Just to inform you that your package was received Friday 27 th October 14 days after dispatch , excellent service , no problems with customs , also thank you for free extra tablets , you can if you wish use this letter as a recommendation for your company , many thanks
order has been received and I thank you for prompt delievery.please keep in contact as I am sure there will be the need for more of these magic pills.thank you.
Everything is fine thnxs for good service and hope we'll meet on line again.
I have rec'd the order, and was pleased with every aspect of the order. I do look forward to ordering in the future, so could you please keep in contact with me via this email.
Thank you for your mail. Yes, I received my order and everithing is fine with it. Thank you very much for the four extra pills you had, I really do appreciate it. I should recommand your site to friends and I'll come back to you soon.
Just wanted to write and say that I'm VERY satisfied with my purchase. I was skeptical at first, the price seemed too good and the shipping process too convoluted. But I sucked it up and took the plunge, ordered 90 of the lil blue guys and sat back to wait for packages that might never come. Happily I was SO wrong! 9 days after my order was placed I received my first batch of 30+4, and just today (another week later) I received the remaining 60. The quality of the product is outstanding. If you\'re sitting there, wondering whether or not you should go ahead and make a purchase here, quit wondering! The best prices, excellent service, and a topnotch product are all present here. Go for it!
thank you, i recieved my pills within one week of ordering them, cheers for the extra 4 you threw in as a bonus, and yes they worked great, cheers again.
Shipment rec'd in good shape. Delivery was on time. Thanks for the free samples. Looking forward to order more in the future.
Thanks again.
Great service .very fast .thanks !
I received both packets a few weeks ago and I am very pleased with the service. Thank you for the extra 4 samples. When dealing with people so far away, and through the internet, I sometimes wonder if I will even receive anything for my money. I would not hesitate to use your services again or to recommend you to friends. Again, Thank You.
You guys and gals are wonderful!! More support than I would have expected from any of the big companies. I'll come to you first for my next order.
The Viagra works just fine straight up satisfied!
I have received all items in my order in two shipments just as you stated.
Thank you very much the pills work just fine.
If I want more pills how do I contact you. Let me know. ⇁
Thank you for the complimentary pack of Sildenafil Citrate I'll be sure to put them to good use.
Delivery was successful.
Thank you about the gifting extrapack you promised.
It's a pleasure to work with you, and I'll get business with you next times.
Thank you overall. ⇁
Best regards
I have received all of my order plus the bonus pills. You not only met my expectations but greatly exceeded them!
You properly set my expectations by providing me all the information that I would need during the ordering process and then followed up regularly to insure that all was occurring as it should.
Your focus on customer service is outstanding and has won me over as a long time customer. I have already recommended you to two of my friends and will continue to do so in the future. I am also very pleased with the quality of your product and accompanying reference materials that I received with my order.
I will do all of my medical business through your firm from this point forward. Thank you for your proactive efforts and strong customer focused business practices. I can honestly say my purchase experience has been outstanding! ⇁
Sincerely, Lloyd
You guys are excellent. Please accept my blessing to your business. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
I have used viagra before and tried your generic brand and is the same. Except yours cost a lot less. Am very happy and will buy again From softcock to hardcock in 20 minutes what can be better than that ! ⇁
thank you chris
I appreciate your personalized customer service and prompt follow up. All I can say is this, if you are this straight forward and direct when something goes wrong, then you treat your customers with respect. And if you do that on a regular basis, you deserve to have great things happen to you in the future.
I will be in touch.
I just recently arrived home from a long road trip and found that my order was here safe and secure, right on schedule, with a 4 pill "bonus"!! A little note ensued thanking me for my order and I just wanted to say thank you for your generosity and professionalism. I was a bit wary of ordering from an online pharmacy, especially overseas.but I came to be extremely happy with the service and the product. My sex life is back!!! I will absolutely place any and all future orders through your site. ⇁
Best Regards, Eric
Thankyou for your service, everything has arrived without any hiccups
your shipment arrived this morning, tnks i am very happy with your reliable service.
I received a partial shipment yesterday.
The pills have always worked very well.as expected.
That's why I ordered from you again this year.just like last year.
In fact, yours work better than the 50 mg brand name pills I still have!!
An since your pills are scored (unlike the brand name ones that I have to use a knife to split), I can easily lower the dosage to 25 mg.which is all I need.
Thank you for a great product at a reasonable price!
You have been fabulous to work with and I will clearly recommend your service and use it again myself.
Thank you for your great service. I have received it and it is everything you said it would be. I will recommend your site to my friends. Thank you once again.
Yes! I have received the order and I am extremely pleased with the service and the pills. I had previously been paying a very high price through prescriptions from my local GP. I am now able to order online without hassle and delivery has been within the stated period that you give. Many thanks!
Yes, thankyou, I have recieved the order. It arrived barely a week after I placed it, so your logistics is working smoothly. Thank you very much for a swift handling :)
Regarding the effect: I do notice an increase in bloodflow and a better stamina using the pills (I use 50mg). A sideeffect I have noticed is that my nose clogs up so I seem like I have a cold for an hour or so after taking one pill. No other sideeffects than that.
Many thanks, yes I have received my full order. I have used other internet suppliers but you are the best of the best ! Thank you again for a brilliant product & service. ⇁
Kindest regards, Rod
Awesome generic meds. Thanks for sending in a discreet package. Filitra fit perfectly without any problems.
Best regards, Kwan B.
It was very easy to find what I need and at a great price. Clear and easy pharmacy. //
Mary Davidson, Denver CO
I’m close to being 70 years of age and I now give retailers one chance and if turns poor
Blake.Sep 18, 2021
I’m just needing a appointment, and the website make me turn in circles many times without conclusion, was really a big bad experience
Kirsty.Sep 19, 2021
I’ve had a great experience with TrustedTablets. It’s so simple and easy to follow the questionnaire, and order the items you need. I found a discount code which made the product more affordable and so far my meds are working great. Thanks so much for such a streamlined service. Delivery super quick too.
Anthony.Sep 2, 2021
If you are not happy with this process then you need to go and see your own G.P. I found it to be discreet, secure, prompt and an overall good experience.
Stuart.Sep 21, 2021
I'm very happy to order on your website.Many thanks.
Tamara.Sep 22, 2021
Impressively fast delivery of a discrete package to Sweden.
Steven.Sep 23, 2021
Incredibly prompt dispatch and delivery
Kristy.Sep 24, 2021
Informative & helpful Website with goods delivered very quickly.
Jonathon.Sep 25, 2021
Informative and discrete. Easy to follow process. Order delivered quickly.
Zoe.Sep 26, 2021
Initially a bit wary of buying medication online but actually the product was exactly as my prescribed medication. Really efficient service. The only drawback is having to pay for delivery twice for 2 separate medications there was no option to include them both on the same order. Otherwise a brilliant service.
Brendan.Sep 27, 2021
Initially sent wrong meds!
Tara.Sep 28, 2021
It happened exactly as said on the tin hence 5 stars.
Brendon.Sep 29, 2021
It is always an absolute pleasure to deal with TrustedTablets.
Kimberley.Sep 3, 2021
It is so easy to use, and I have confidence that my requests are examined carefully.
Alexander.Sep 30, 2021
It is very professional
Katherine.Sep 4, 2021
It was all done very efficiently all the questions asked were required
Liam.Sep 5, 2021
It was excellent
Aimee.Sep 6, 2021
It was extremely easy quick and convenient
Samuel.Sep 7, 2021
It was ok, application was easy to us
Belinda.Sep 8, 2021
It was quick and easy.
Jay.Sep 9, 2021
It was quick and simple to get the medication I required
Ashlee.Apr 1, 2019
it was rubbish Tablet your lie it not work at all :) don't buy it only you losing your money
William.Apr 1, 2019
It was sent quickly and the product works so well I would definitely recommend it to people who are overweight as it’s a booster to those on a diet.
Ashleigh.Apr 10, 2019
it was so quick and easy
Edward.Apr 10, 2019
It was so straightforward to order what I needed and the items arrived quickly. I will definitely be using again.
Krystal.Apr 11, 2019
It was very easy to request the treatment I needed and the item was delivered very quickly in nondescript packaging. Would recommend 33Drugs Online Pharmacy 100%
Bradley.Apr 12, 2019
It works well but I still think it’s expensive
Melanie.Apr 13, 2019
It’s really easy to order, the reason I go through 33Drugs rather than my doctors is how easy it is, the online consultation is very easy to follow.
Gavin.Apr 13, 2019
Item came quickly. Would recommend anyone thinking of purchasing items from this website to do so as they’re very reliable.
Jodie.Apr 14, 2019
items were delivered on time, items work very well. delighted with service and items delivered
Mathew.Apr 14, 2019
Items were plainly packed and quickly delivered.
Jadwiga.Apr 15, 2019
It's a serious and very convenient service with a fast delivery. Thanks to the team
Jake.Apr 16, 2019
I've rated 33Drugs 5 stars because I work long hours and can never get to see my GP. So when I came across 33Drugs I gave them a go and found them quick and easy to use, plus their deliverys are fast normally 2 to 3 days. It has made it so much easier for me to get the medication I want at a reasonable price.
Melinda.Apr 16, 2019
I've used Med Express 2 or 3 times now to purchase asthma inhalers. The prices are very competitive, the products turn up usually within 2 days, and their website is very easy to use. I hope these people stay in business for a long time, excellent service.
Stephen.Apr 17, 2019
I've used 33Drugs a few time now and find the service to be helpful and thrust the website.
Alexandra.Apr 17, 2019
I've used 33Drugs before and can genuinely say their fast, discreet, and hassle free. Brilliant sevice
Jeffrey.Apr 19, 2019
Just a fast service No problem
Anna.Apr 20, 2019
Just a great company who I often use.
Wayne.Apr 21, 2019
Just as in headline review. Ticked all the boxes. Would recommend.
Kathleen.Apr 22, 2019
Just be aware an cross reference with make a decision to proceed in purchasing..
Joel.Apr 22, 2019
Just perfect
Ashley.Apr 23, 2019
Just so easy and quick service
Beau Johnstone.Apr 23, 2019
Just so easy to use,reommended to everyone i know.
Chantelle.Apr 24, 2019
Just would like better deals but everything else is amazing thanks
Shane.Apr 24, 2019
Keep customer informed when there are delays. Orders are time sensitive and if you cannot fulfil you shouldn't sell.
Kayla.Apr 26, 2019
Keep promisses.
Dean.Apr 27, 2019
Keep up the great work.
Lee Bishop.Apr 27, 2019
Kept me up to date with order and arrived on time, what’s not to like thank you
Tanya.Apr 29, 2019
Kept you up to date on progress of order. And was delivered on time. Really have no complaints. Fab service
Justin.Apr 29, 2019
Kind, discreet easy to understand
Ricky.Apr 3, 2019
l won’t name the company’s but 3 major high street pharmacies have given poor basic
Patrick.Apr 4, 2019
Large product selection. Quick response and fast product delivery. Will definitely recommend.
Jenna.Apr 5, 2019
Late delivery, I paid for next day delivery and it is the third day and I am still waiting for my parcel
Philip.Apr 5, 2019
Lightening return service
Kelly.Apr 7, 2019
Log in was simple, questions pertinent and gave confidence. Product ordered and delivered aheah of schedule, well marked and dated. An excellent experience.
Lucy.Apr 8, 2019
Lots of information on products.
Jonathan.Apr 9, 2019
made contact with company to tell them my concerns.
Danny.Aug 1, 2019
Made me realise that after a few years of struggling there is light at the end of the tunnel
Julie.Aug 10, 2019
Managed to through my online assessment easily and it only took mins ordered my product at a fair price and item arrived first post next day from start to finish it all went smoothly and will definitely buy again
Cameron.Aug 11, 2019
Med express actually called me to warn me on a possible mix up with my order before the order was completed
Alice.Aug 14, 2019
Med express has always been my favourite place to go when it comes to private health.
Joseph.Aug 15, 2019
Med Express has an easy menu to navigate and the questions to answer are simple to understand with tick boxes for convenience. Many different ways of payment. Delivery has always been next working day or day after.
Alicia.Aug 16, 2019
Med Express offer a brilliant service.
Dale.Aug 17, 2019
TrustedTablets are very fast, reliable and their products are the best. I would no go anywhere else... Happy Customer here :)
Alyce.Aug 18, 2019
TrustedTablets has been superb in helping me and making me feel confident again. The whole process is super easy to undergo as well as 100% confidential! I can only recommend TrustedTablets!
Craig.Aug 19, 2019
TrustedTablets is a user friendly site. It is convenient and easy to order medicines. Additionally, it was a fast service of delivering it on time.
Chloe.Aug 2, 2019
TrustedTablets is a very discreet and easy service to use. The application process is simple and i received my medication within a few days.
Jack.Aug 20, 2019
TrustedTablets is great in terms of service and their website etc. The only reason for marking them down to 4* is that I find it really frustrating when you have to hunt for and use voucher codes to get the best deal! They’re not alone it seems to be a general ecommerce way of doing things... But why not offer the best deals you can to everyone straight off?
Leanne.Aug 21, 2019
TrustedTablets is very reliable, order always delivered on time, thank you,
Richard.Aug 23, 2019
TrustedTablets offer a fast and efficient service
Mustafs Mustafa.Aug 24, 2019
TrustedTablets offered good range of products and competitive prices. Delivery was quick and as advertised. Definitely recommend.
Jared.Aug 25, 2019
TrustedTablets Online Pharmacy have best prices. Their website was so easy to manage, I made the purchase with ease. I wont bother going anywhere else, because safe and secure in the knowledge that I got exactly what I ordered. I will be a regular returning customer.
Candice.Aug 26, 2019
TrustedTablets Pharmacy is first class, Easy to order from, very reasonable prices, very prompt delivery. Highly recommended.
Phillip.Aug 27, 2019
TrustedTablets service on the other hand is brilliant. Many Thanks
Catherine.Aug 28, 2019
TrustedTablets service.
Raymond.Aug 29, 2019
TrustedTablets was efficient and fast when dealing with my request. Fast online medical question for approval of my request. Delivery was prompt and on time.
Heather.Aug 3, 2019
Shaun.Aug 30, 2019
medicines are fresh meaning
Jacqueline.Aug 31, 2019
Much easier than queuing for a doctor's appointment and wasting their time on minor issues. Excellent service and quick delivery.
Stacey.Aug 8, 2019
Much quicker than Super Drug
Glenn.Aug 9, 2019
My experience was very good. Thank you
Jeremy.Dec 10, 2019
My experience with 33Drugs was extremely positive. I strongly recommend them to everyone.
Alison.Dec 11, 2019
My husband and I ordered medication, and it was delivered within it’s time limit. We were satisfied with their service and confidentiality.
Christian.Dec 12, 2019
My inhaler was delivered the next day
Matthew.Dec 13, 2019
My Order arrived. I was very happy with the service.
Jessica.Dec 14, 2017
My order was delivered quickly and as described
Phillip.Dec 14, 2019
My order was delivered quickly and efficiently. No problems.
Claire.Dec 15, 2019
My order was very quick
Christopher.Dec 16, 2017
My package had come open which showed clearly items inside... I would like my items in a secure bag inside packaging box
Sarah.Dec 16, 2019
My partner and I where very pleased with the results each night and still great the next morning. Fast and discreet service
Grant.Dec 17, 2019
Needed a ventolin inhaler to take on holiday. No doctors appointments available in the next 67 years. Ordered online & received my order the next day. Fantastic service. Highly recommended.
Christine.Dec 18, 2017
Never any dramas, always good stock sent consistently packaged and labelled.
Daniel.Dec 18, 2019
Never had any issues
Rebecca.Dec 19, 2021
nice and prompt and easy to use web site
Sean.Dec 2, 2019
Nice easy straight forward transaction.
Rachael.Dec 20, 2017
Nice one u can trust
Michael.Dec 20, 2019
Nice speedy discrete service and delivery
Amanda.Dec 21, 2017
Nice speedy service, no hassles at all1
Ben.Dec 21, 2019
No fuss, very quick, no waiting to see GP
Louise.Dec 22, 2017
No fuss easy to order followed by next day delivery every time
David.Dec 22, 2019
No fuss easy to use discrete packaging would use again no need to go out👌
Melissa.Dec 23, 2017
No fuss easy to use web site
Todd.Dec 23, 2019
Karina.Dec 24, 2017
No hassle service that was quick and easy with no fuss. Will use again.
Andrew.Dec 24, 2019
No hassles.Arrived on time.
Nicole.Dec 25, 2021
No hiccups
Ashley.Dec 26, 2017
No issues at all, thank you
Fiona.Dec 26, 2019
No issues or concerns.
James.Dec 27, 2017
No nonsense. Prompt. Excellent
Lauren.Dec 27, 2019
No problem, easy booking, easy pickup from the post office.
Gregory.Dec 28, 2017
No problems at all and I will be using them on a regular basis.
Ashley.Dec 28, 2019
No problems at all, found the service first rate and extremely prompt.
Benjamin.Dec 29, 2021
no problems at all.
Amy.Dec 3, 2019
No problems at any time. Service is superb, medication delivered on time and well tracked.
Kyle.Dec 30, 2017
No problems so far. Orders seem to be sorted and dispatched quickly and efficiently. Good prices as well.
Ashleigh.Dec 30, 2019
No problems, easy to deal with, very professional.
Luke.Dec 31, 2017
No problems, prompt and efficient service.
Emma.Dec 31, 2019
No problems, quick delivery
Jacob.Dec 4, 2019
no stress ordering delivered on time always
Leah.Dec 6, 2019
No thought or aftercare..
Adam.Dec 7, 2019
No worries 😉
Lisa.Dec 8, 2019
Not at all satisfied. Not only was my order refused but when I messaged you asking for an explanation I was totally ignored
Darren.Dec 9, 2019
Not cheap but when u can't get to see it own doctor for a inhaler and I suppos I take in next day delivery so that bumps it up but all in all quite good
Courtney.Feb 1, 2019
Not much to say, delivered on time, exactly what i ordered. I will be using them again.
Joshua.Feb 1, 2019
not my first order but once again a fast delivery and exactly as ordered I would highly recommend them
Natalie.Feb 10, 2019
Nothing to dislike very quick and easy
Trent.Feb 10, 2019
Gemma.Feb 11, 2019
Timothy.Feb 11, 2019
Kate.Feb 12, 2019
On line system is very simple to operate, providing details of products available, effectiveness and side effects, to enable users to make an informed decision.
Troy.Feb 12, 2019
On time delivering test kits
Sophie.Feb 13, 2019
On time delivery
Nathan.Feb 13, 2019
On time every time
Kylie.Feb 14, 2019
On time good price great service
Ian.Feb 14, 2019
On time no fuss excellent service
Kimberley.Feb 15, 2019
On time so happy days
Scott.Feb 16, 2019
On time, great service.
Samantha.Feb 16, 2019
One item failed to arrive by post, no arguments replaced within 24 hrs free!
George.Feb 17, 2019
One possible explanation is that I have the Factor 5 Leiden blood mutation, making my blood ‘thicker’ than normal. Perhaps 33Drugs could recommend a location for taking an adequate blood sample.
Tegan.Feb 17, 2019
One word to describe the service "Awesome "
Mark.Feb 18, 2019
Online good service
Michelle.Feb 18, 2019
Online Ordering process is very easy and easy to answer questions to get the order processed
Blake.Feb 19, 2019
Online service provided is excellent and hassle free. Consultation is straight forward.
Bianca.Feb 19, 2019
Order arrived fast and was good service
Nicholas.Feb 2, 2019
order arrived on time
Laura.Feb 20, 2019
Order arrived on time! Reasonably priced! Discreetly packaged!! Will certainly purchase again! Keep me informed of any new offers!
Stuart.Feb 20, 2019
Order arrived promptly. No problems with delivery
Jodie.Feb 21, 2019
Order arrived very quickly and the whole process was easier than I expected.
Jason.Feb 21, 2019
Order came in good time and would certainly recommend to friends
Elizabeth.Feb 22, 2019
order came quickly but had a problem with the item,
Shannon.Feb 22, 2019
Order came really quickly. No hassle
Hannah.Feb 24, 2019
Order filled all as promised. No complaints
Peter.Feb 25, 2019
Order filled and completed efficiently and timely
Erin.Feb 25, 2019
Order process was simple.... delivery excellent
Lachlan.Feb 26, 2019
Order was confirmed and delivered very quickly.
Kayla.Feb 26, 2019
Ordered a few times, different medications. All arrived next day. Exactly the same as the medication prescribed when I go to the docs.
Robert.Feb 27, 2019
Ordered Covid antivirus test kit. Easy to use. Returned in post on the same day.
Jennifer.Feb 27, 2019
Ordered my medication before midday on a Friday, delivered next day by Royal Mail @ 9.50am. Excellent service, excellent prices. Would recommend 33Drugs always.
Martin.Feb 28, 2019
Ordered on Friday and received items on Monday. My Dr surgery closes on weekends so this would not have been possible through them. Brilliant, was really impressed.
Tamara.Feb 28, 2019
Ordered some tablets a ther came on time was so happy with the service I got got email to let me no ther had been sent out a got email with day ther were comeing Will defo order again
Mitchell.Feb 29, 2019
Ordered stuff during lockdown. They delivered on time.
Tara.Feb 3, 2019
Ordered the products and received them within a couple days great service
Damien.Feb 3, 2019
Ordered with next day delivery, my order arrived on time and then nice discreet packaging. No complaints whatsoever.
Naomi.Feb 4, 2019
Ordering Aciclovir tablets to use as a preventive medicine fast and easy. Delivery was quick. Service was efficient would highly recommend
Ryan.Feb 4, 2019
Ordering and I medical questionnaire was easy and the delivery was first rate.
Renee.Feb 5, 2019
Ordering is super easy, delivery is super quick and discreet and customer service is also very good. Can only recommend their service!
Brendon.Feb 6, 2019
Ordering made easy, delivery was very fast, medication as described and very quality service
Holly.Feb 6, 2019
Ordering online at the MedEx website is simple and easy. Fast and efficient delivery.
John.Feb 7, 2019
Ordering process was simple and fast. Asked to confirm some medical details first. Prescription checked, and then fast delivery. Exactly the same tablets as prescribed in person, just avoiding the queues. Would recommend, and would use again.
Rachel.Feb 7, 2019
Ordering was simple and delivery prompt. Hassle free purchase.
Dane.Feb 8, 2019
Ordering was simple so I shall continue using your company for the forseeable future.
Joanne.Feb 8, 2019
Orders delivered very soon after being received.
Aaron.Feb 9, 2019
Danielle.Jan 1, 2019
Organizeed to perfection, the whole procedure was fast and efficient
Dylan.Jan 1, 2019
Other websites before have asked for photos of my acne, which is embarrassing and not something I’m readily able to provide as I wear makeup during the day.
Zoe.Jan 10, 2019
Ottimo, rapido ed efficiente.
Paul.Jan 11, 2019
Oui, très satisfait!
Kelly.Jan 12, 2019
Outstanding service and delivery times, easy to use and self explanatory website.
Gavin.Jan 13, 2019
Outstanding service and quick response time
Victoria.Jan 13, 2019
Outstanding service. Highly recommended.
Brendan.Jan 14, 2019
Outstanding speed of service
Katherine.Jan 14, 2019
Outstanding, easy to answer questions. Just like being in front of a doctor
Kevin.Jan 15, 2019
Outstanding. Always comes on time or before.
Carly.Jan 15, 2019
Package came when it was suppose to I have ordered 3 times and will continue to aswell
Thomas.Jan 16, 2019
Paid for next day delivery and my order was at the correct time
Belinda.Jan 16, 2019
Partner ordered drug for me, as has previously. Order placed and money taken then questions about authenticity had to provide driving license 'proof'. My view don't accept 'money' then add conditions. Creates a poor impression in 'today's identity theft age' sending companies that 'proof' despite claims to destroy 'proof' is fraught with problems god forbid you ever get hacked and that data is stolen My understanding is that 'destroying records is almost impossible as a digital record exists' As to the effectiveness of the product haven't used yet The delivery was excellent.
Jay.Jan 17, 2019
Stephanie.Jan 18, 2019
Perfect customer support
Edward.Jan 19, 2019
Perfect delivery, on time, secure and great choice availability with a fast service. Why did I not know about this site years ago ? Brilliant
Tanya.Jan 19, 2019
Perfect everything was as expected
Anthony.Jan 2, 2019
Perfect like every order extremely professional
Katie.Jan 2, 2019
Perfect service
Jeffrey.Jan 20, 2019
Perfect service genuine products
Jasmine.Jan 20, 2019
Perfect service!
Mathew.Jan 21, 2019
Perfect service.
Kristy.Jan 21, 2019
Perfect transaction. Immediate delivery.
Tristan.Jan 22, 2019
Perfect 👌
Linda.Jan 22, 2019
Perfect. Excellent service.Easy to contact. Quick delivery. Does exactly what they said they would do.
Bradley.Jan 23, 2019
Pills have stopped working, don't know if it is because they just don't work anymore or if there is something wrong with them, or me!
Angela.Jan 23, 2019
Placed my order easily enough, everything went through ok, and delivery was very quick, I will definitely be using 33Drugs online again.
Liam.Jan 24, 2019
Placed order, had an almost immediate response by email with a next day delivery after Easter. Quite unexpected but delighted.
Sara.Jan 24, 2019
Please leave me alone
Simon.Jan 25, 2019
Please reduce the price for the PCR test.
Megan.Jan 25, 2019
Polite and individual advice, tailored to my personal need. Fast and well packaged.
Brent.Jan 27, 2019
Price was good too. Shipped discreetly.
Alana.Jan 28, 2019
Pricing is very competitive.
Stephen.Jan 28, 2019
Pricing was good and delivery was excellent.
Emily.Jan 29, 2019
problem with delivery, post not leave at my house, had to go to post sorting office to collect on a very cold morning, as I don't drive it takes 45min walk to get there and 45min back. Disappointed with delivery but otherwise ok.
Evan.Jan 29, 2019
Process of the consultation through to the ordering very straight forward
Candice.Jan 3, 2019
Process was very quick and straightforward no fuss!
Shane.Jan 3, 2019
Product arrived as described, promptly and discreetly, and works
Hayley.Jan 30, 2019
product as described arrived in plain packaging promptly and prices very competitive. Very happy
Jesse.Jan 30, 2019
Product came quick and was regular you updated on progress. Very efficient service
Christina.Jan 31, 2019
Product comes nicely packaged.
Alexander.Jan 31, 2019
Product does what is says on the can and more,
Stacey.Jan 4, 2019
Product genuine article
Lee.Jan 4, 2019
Product is effective
Julie.Jan 5, 2019
Product Price Speedy delivery
William.Jan 5, 2019
Professional and fast service
Alison.Jan 6, 2019
Professional and fast service.
Dale.Jan 6, 2019
Professional and quick
Simone.Jan 7, 2019
Professional service. Prompt delivery. Competitive pricing.
Dean.Jan 7, 2019
Professional, fast delivery, discreet, and reliable
Alicia.Jan 8, 2019
Professional, speedy, excellent!
Rhys.Jan 8, 2019
Prompt & discreet. I will use Med Express again and will recommend them to others.
Casey.Jan 9, 2019
Prompt and discreet!
Joel.Jan 9, 2019
Prompt and discrete service
Katrina.Jul 1, 2019
Prompt and efficient service
Wayne.Jul 10, 2019
Prompt and efficient service and good value compared to other online suppliers.
Crystal.Jul 11, 2019
Prompt and good value
Samuel.Jul 12, 2019
Prompt and no fuss, reasonable prices
Cassandra.Jul 13, 2019
Prompt and quick service.
Jonathon.Jul 15, 2019
Prompt and reliable service which delivered what was ordered professionally and hassle free.
Karen.Jul 16, 2019
Prompt and superb
Justin.Jul 17, 2019
prompt and thorough, will return for sure.
Melanie.Jul 18, 2019
prompt deliveries with excellent notification from all parties concerned.
Philip.Jul 19, 2019
Prompt delivery
Lucy.Jul 2, 2019
prompt delivery, no issues
Richard.Jul 20, 2019
Prompt delivery after order. Tracked online.
Alexandra.Jul 21, 2019
Prompt delivery as well
Raymond.Jul 22, 2019
Prompt delivery upon ordering
Amber.Jul 23, 2019
Prompt delivery would recommend and definitely use again
Joseph.Jul 24, 2019
Prompt Delivery,
Natasha.Jul 25, 2019
Prompt delivery, easy to order. No hassles highly recommend
Danny.Jul 26, 2019
Prompt delivery, genuine product (one has to be careful of sites offering placebos on the internet), good price!
Melinda.Jul 27, 2019
Prompt Delivery.
Patrick.Jul 28, 2019
Prompt delivery. No fuss. All good.
Jacqueline.Jul 29, 2019
Prompt dispatch. Quick delivery. Pleasure to deal with.
Jared.Jul 3, 2019
Prompt efficient service
Amelia.Jul 30, 2019
Prompt excellent service
Cameron.Jul 31, 2019
Prompt no hassle service at a reasonable price
Catherine.Jul 5, 2019
Prompt order fulfilment and responsive customer service. Website is clear to navigate and order process straightforward.
Allan.Jul 6, 2019
Prompt reliable discrete service
Clare.Jul 7, 2019
Prompt reliable service on time everytime
Brett.Jul 8, 2019
Prompt service
Vanessa.Jul 9, 2019
Prompt service, speedy delivery
Glenn.Jun 1, 2019
Prompt service, fair pricing.
Chloe.Jun 10, 2019
Prompt service and delivery
Craig.Jun 11, 2019
Prompt service and no hassle with delivery
Brooke.Jun 12, 2019
Prompt service at good prices
Wade.Jun 13, 2019
Prompt service with no hassle
Maria.Jun 14, 2019
Prompt service, easy online form
Adrian.Jun 16, 2019
Prompt service.
Jenna.Jun 17, 2019
Prompt, accurate with no fuss, everything I want.
Corey.Jun 18, 2019
Prompt, discrete service. Good prices. Easy online Medical questionnaire.
Susan.Jun 19, 2019
Prompt, efficient service and good value for money.
Jonathan.Jun 2, 2019
Prompt, efficient service fast delivery
Anna.Jun 20, 2019
Prompt, professional, excellent service
Russell.Jun 21, 2019
Prompt, reliable service.
Chantelle.Jun 22, 2019
Shaun.Jun 23, 2019
Prompt. Product delivered as ordered. Not one bad thing to say about this company. Will always use them.
Kathryn.Jun 24, 2019
Promt efficient service & delivery, good price also.
Neil.Jun 25, 2019
Propa wicked
Elise.Jun 26, 2019
Provided product quickly and for a good price.
Jeremy.Jun 27, 2019
Punctual service
Jade.Jun 28, 2019
Qualità, discrezione e servizio di consegna efficiente. Continuerò a servirmene.
Brenton.Jun 29, 2019
Quality product & prompt delivery.
Julia.Jun 3, 2019
Quality service,fast delivery, great all round experience... ..Highly recommended
Jamie.Jun 4, 2019
Quality, and fast delivery. All good
Sally.Jun 5, 2019
Quick & easy process and medication arrived quickly.
Jordan.Jun 6, 2019
Quick & efficient. Dispatched & received within a couple of days.
Heidi.Jun 7, 2019
Quick, efficient and professional.
Oliver.Jun 8, 2019
Quick and. competitive.
Noah.Mar 1, 2019
Quick and accurate order
William.Mar 1, 2019
Quick and accurate service. Would certainly recommend.
Leo.Mar 10, 2019
Quick and convenient, less hassle the better 5*
Lucas.Mar 10, 2019
Quick and discreet
Henry.Mar 11, 2019
quick and easy
Liam.Mar 11, 2019
Quick and easy and prompt service.
Jack.Mar 12, 2019
Quick and easy and the best price.
Thomas.Mar 12, 2019
Quick and easy good customer service
James.Mar 13, 2019
Quick and easy order and delivery
AALIYAH.Mar 13, 2019
Quick and easy ordering and delivery
ABIGAIL.Mar 14, 2019
Quick and easy service very fast delivery
ADAM.Mar 15, 2019
Quick and easy service, easy to use web site.
ADDISON.Mar 15, 2019
Quick and easy service.
ADELINE.Mar 16, 2019
Quick and easy support help line great help x arrived next day x definitely use again x
AIDEN.Mar 16, 2019
Quick and easy to get medication at a reasonable price
ALEXANDER.Mar 17, 2019
Quick and easy to order. Fast delivery and result back the next evening after posting back. Great service. Thank you.
ALI.Mar 18, 2019
Quick and easy to use
ALICE.Mar 18, 2019
Quick and easy to use, fast delivery
AMELIA.Mar 19, 2019
Quick and easy to use, highly recommend.
ANGUS.Mar 19, 2019
Quick and easy to use.
ANNA.Mar 2, 2019
Quick and easy with no hassle. Highly recommend med express
ANNABELLE.Mar 2, 2019
Quick and easy, what else could you ask for!?
ANTHONY.Mar 20, 2019
Quick and easy. A very straightforward service without cutting corners
ARCHER.Mar 20, 2019
Quick and easy. Use again
ARCHIE.Mar 21, 2019
Quick and effective service, great prices also.
ARI.Mar 22, 2019
quick and efficent service
ARIA.Mar 22, 2019
Quick and efficient
ARIANA.Mar 23, 2019
Quick and efficient and discreet.
ARLO.Mar 23, 2019
Quick and efficient service
ARTHUR.Mar 24, 2019
Quick and efficient service a positive experience (I’m a returning customer, and likely to be again).
ASHER.Mar 24, 2019
Quick and efficient service and great delivery timescales
ASHTON.Mar 25, 2019
Quick and efficient service in thehd middle of lockdown when I was worried about asthma inhaler shortages and running out. They arrived in the post within a few days.
AUDREY.Mar 25, 2019
Quick and efficient service 👍
AURORA.Mar 26, 2019
Quick and efficient service, I had a question which I got answered over the phone straight away. Very good would use again.
AUSTIN.Mar 26, 2019
Quick and efficient service. Uncomplicated proceedure ideal for those who live far from a test centre.
AVA.Mar 27, 2019
Quick and efficient.
AXEL.Mar 27, 2019
Quick and efficient. Easy to use website
AYA.Mar 28, 2019
Quick and efficient. No difficulty to deal with. And held the medicine I required.
AYLA.Mar 29, 2019
quick and great service
Baby.Mar 3, 2019
quick and hassle free,easy to use website,thanks
BEAU.Mar 3, 2019
Quick and ontime
BELLA.Mar 30, 2019
Quick and pain free! I mean not literally pain free, but the process was!
BENJAMIN.Mar 31, 2019
Quick and professional service. The medicines arrive safely. My experience is they are of top quality, proven by the fact they work
BILLIE.Mar 31, 2019
Quick and reliable
Births.Mar 4, 2019
Quick and reliable, will buy again.
BODHI.Mar 4, 2019
Quick and reliable service, definitely recommend. No issues this end ;)
BONNIE.Mar 5, 2019
quick and simple
BOYS.Mar 5, 2019
Quick and simple great
CALEB.Mar 6, 2019
Quick and uncomplicated
CARTER.Mar 7, 2019
Quick and very cheap
CHARLES.Mar 8, 2019
quick convenient service!
CHARLIE.Mar 8, 2019
Quick delivery
CHARLOTTE.Mar 9, 2019
Quick delivery ok product
CHELSEA.May 1, 2019
Quick delivery and a quality product. The website is easy to navigate and the process of checking out was also quick and easy.
CHLOE.May 1, 2019
Quick delivery and easy checkout. Exactly what I want!
CHRISTIAN.May 10, 2019
Quick delivery and good price
CLAIRE.May 13, 2019
Quick delivery and good product
CLARA.May 14, 2019
Quick delivery and good service
CONNOR.May 15, 2019
Quick delivery and got what was asked!
COOPER.May 16, 2019
Quick delivery and kept informed of order status every step of the way.
DAISY.May 17, 2019
Quick delivery and on time. Great product, as described.
DANIEL.May 19, 2019
Quick delivery best price
Deaths.May 2, 2019
Quick delivery good product
DELILAH.May 2, 2019
Quick delivery of inhaler
DOMINIC.May 20, 2019
Quick delivery on time. Excellent information and webpage.
DYLAN.May 21, 2019
Quick delivery with no problems, would recommend
EDEN.May 22, 2019
Quick delivery, and nothing to worry about in posting a sample back, all included in the price.
EDWARD.May 23, 2019
Quick delivery, and the medication does what it should do.
ELEANOR.May 24, 2019
Quick delivery, easy to use website and great value.
ELENA.May 25, 2019
Quick delivery, good products
ELI.May 27, 2019
Quick delivery, highly recommended
ELIANA.May 28, 2019
Quick delivery, item as described, competitively priced also.
ELIAS.May 29, 2019
Quick delivery, prices are a bit to high
ELIJAH.May 3, 2019
Quick delivery, professional service
ELIZA.May 31, 2019
Quick delivery.
ELIZABETH.May 5, 2019
Quick delivery. And quality product. Made us both happy
ELLA.May 6, 2019
Quick delivery. Exactly as described. Great service 👍
ELLIE.May 7, 2019
Quick delivery. Fully recommend
ELOISE.May 8, 2019
Quick delivery. Highly Recommend I Always use them.
ELSIE.May 9, 2019
Quick despatch
EMILIA.Nov 1, 2019
Quick easy and no fuss
EMILY.Nov 10, 2019
Quick easy reliable service.
EMMA.Nov 11, 2019
Quick easy to use. Prompt service.
ETHAN.Nov 12, 2019
Quick efficient
EVA.Nov 13, 2019
Quick efficient and discreet sevice
EVELYN.Nov 14, 2019
Quick efficient no fuss but was assessed for my suitability for these tablets, received them as said
EVIE.Nov 15, 2019
Quick efficient polite service very good friendly will continue to use
FELIX.Nov 16, 2019
Quick efficient service
FINN.Nov 17, 2019
Quick efficient service. Can not comment on result but overall service excellent
FLORENCE.Nov 18, 2019
Quick fast service
FLYNN.Nov 19, 2019
Quick home delivery!
FRANKIE.Nov 2, 2019
Quick order process, quick delivery
FREYA.Nov 20, 2019
Quick postage
GABRIEL.Nov 21, 2019
Quick postage and I would buy again from them
GABRIELLA.Nov 22, 2019
Quick reliable delivery and reasonable prices. This is my trusted company for all online medication
GEORGE.Nov 24, 2019
Quick reliable service
GEORGIA.Nov 25, 2019
Quick response, quality meds, affordqble prices. What else can you ask for?
GIRLS.Nov 26, 2019
Quick service
GRACE.Nov 27, 2019
Quick service. Effective medicine which made my symptoms recovered.
HALLIE.Nov 28, 2019
Quick service all orders spot on no complaints
HANNAH.Nov 29, 2019
Quick service and very discreet with an answer I minutes
HARLOW.Nov 4, 2019
Quick service easy acces, thank you
HARPER.Nov 5, 2019
Quick service exactly what I wanted
HARRIET.Nov 6, 2019
Quick service very reliable
HARRISON.Nov 7, 2019
Quick service! Excellent updates. Very helpful
HARRY.Nov 8, 2019
Quick service, easy process
HARVEY.Oct 1, 2019
Quick service, quality medications, low prices, what more to ask?
HAZEL.Oct 10, 2019
Quick service, quick delivery. Simple process.
HENRY.Oct 11, 2019
Quick service, very professional.
HUDSON.Oct 12, 2019
Quick service,will definitely buy from again 👍🏻
HUGO.Oct 14, 2019
Quick service.
HUNTER.Oct 15, 2019
Quick simple easy
IMOGEN.Oct 16, 2019
Quick user friendly process. Excellent communication throughout my order.
ISAAC.Oct 17, 2019
Quick well priced simple ordering proceedure
ISABEL.Oct 18, 2019
quick, accurate
ISABELLA.Oct 19, 2019
Quick, discreet service. Good prices too.
ISABELLE.Oct 2, 2019
Quick, discrete and thoroughly efficient. I won’t be taking my custom elsewhere!
ISAIAH.Oct 20, 2019
quick, easy & discreet..
ISLA.Oct 21, 2019
Quick, easy and great value. Delivery is always within a couple of days. Much cheaper than your local pharmacy.
IVY.Oct 22, 2019
Quick, easy and simple service. My prescription was ordered, confirmed and delivered next day as promised
JACK.Oct 23, 2019
Quick, easy to use and order. And they do what they say!
JACKSON.Oct 24, 2019
Quick, easy, exactly what I needed!
JACOB.Oct 25, 2019
Quick, easy, fast delivery!!
JAKE.Oct 27, 2019
Quick, efficient and confidential
JAMES.Oct 28, 2019
Quick, efficient and helpful. Plain package and clear guidance.
JASMINE.Oct 29, 2019
Quick, efficient no issues. Will use again
JASPER.Oct 3, 2019
quick, efficient. Need i say more....
JAXON.Oct 30, 2019
Quick, fast, efficient and reliable service.
JAYDEN.Oct 31, 2019
Quick, precise and no hassle experience from start till finish.
JORDAN.Oct 4, 2019
Quick, secure and discreet service, delivery to the local post office which is a quiet corner shop.
JOSEPH.Oct 5, 2019
Quick, simple and efficient.
JOSHUA.Oct 6, 2019
Quite unable to take enough blood from my finger for the testosterone test. I made several attempts. I did follow the instructions very carefully.
JUDE.Oct 7, 2019
KAI.Oct 8, 2019
Rapid despatch and delivery
LACHLAN.Oct 9, 2019
Rapid turnaround at a great price! All the advice and guidance is accessible and impartial....TrustedTablets offers a firstclass service!
LARA.Sep 1, 2019
rapid, simple, and efficient. Good prices, too.
LAYLA.Sep 10, 2019
Rapids et discret
LENNOX.Sep 11, 2019
Ratings are based on information collected about purchases on TrustedTablets.co.uk.
LEO.Sep 12, 2019
Reailable and trustworthy
LEON.Sep 13, 2019
Really awesome
LEONARDO.Sep 14, 2019
Really easy process and delivered very quickly, will be ordering again.
LEVI.Sep 15, 2019
Really easy to find what you want and order, good prices, trusted seller and quick delivery
LIAM.Sep 16, 2019
Really easy to order Covid 19 antibody test online, delivered the next day and email received to inform me the results were back within 2 days, exceptional service. would highly recommend this company.
LILY.Sep 17, 2019
Really easy to order good website private and easy to deal with
LINCOLN.Sep 18, 2019
Really easy to order Quick delivery 5 star service
LOGAN.Sep 19, 2019
Really easy to use and fast delivery. All round good service 👍
LOLA.Sep 2, 2019
Really easy to use helpful as well simple site to use great service quick postage and I would recommend this site
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Really easy to use website, very professional and a super quick dey
LUCA.Sep 21, 2019
Really easy, fast delivery, would use again.
LUCAS.Sep 22, 2019
Really efficient service with prompt deliveries
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Really excellent service
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really excellent service & very quick
LUKE.Sep 25, 2019
really excellent service and no fuss
LUNA.Sep 26, 2019
Really excellent service. Easy to order and delivery is super quick. All very hassle free.
MACKENZIE.Sep 27, 2019
Really fast delivery. Easy process. Nice communication. Highly recommended
MADDISON.Sep 28, 2019
really good
MAEVE.Sep 29, 2019
Really good and quick service
MARCUS.Sep 3, 2019
Really good everything your looking for.
Marriages.Sep 30, 2019
Really good overal service from using the website to deliver.
MARYAM.Sep 4, 2019
Really good product, price with fast delivery, can’t fault this company and service will definitely use again
MASON.Sep 5, 2019
Really good service with next day delivery. Very reasonable price.
MATILDA.Sep 6, 2019
Really good service, fast delivery and good prices
MATTHEW.Sep 7, 2019
Really good service, received my medication with no problems at all, delivery prompt, will use this service again, thank you
MAX.Sep 8, 2019
really good service,very prompt delivery, unlike another competitor i recently used
MIA.Sep 9, 2019
Really good speedy delivery
MICHAEL.Apr 1, 2014
Really good very well explained abd quickly got our results back from a COVID test
MILA.Apr 1, 2014
Really good. Despatched quickly and was what I wanted/expected. Really easy to purchase many thanks
MILLIE.Apr 10, 2014
Really good. Effective & excellent service, with thanks.
MOLLY.Apr 10, 2014
Really great service as always and helped me login to my account
MUHAMMAD.Apr 11, 2019
Really quick delivery and product was as expected. Thank you.
Names.Apr 12, 2019
Really quick delivery. Impressed.
NICHOLAS.Apr 13, 2014
Really quick service, no messing about.
NOAH.Apr 13, 2014
Really simple to use and effective service!
NSW.Apr 14, 2014
Really swift delivery, good price and much easier than visiting drs surgery for a minor problem
OLIVE.Apr 14, 2014
Really useful and speedy service, great to Know I can buy quality products quickly and safely.
OLIVER.Apr 15, 2017
Really wide selection of product I have purchased asthma and hair treatments and both have been delivered next day at a very competitive price. Also website very easy to navigate.
OLIVIA.Apr 16, 2014
Reasonable price, ease of use, fast delivery, would definitely use again. Was a little apprehensive buying online, no need to be though.
OSCAR.Apr 16, 2014
Reasonable price, fast turnaround.
OWEN.Apr 17, 2014
Received result within 36hours. Great.
Roger Henderson.Apr 17, 2014
received tabets quickly and theyworked
PENELOPE.Apr 19, 2019
Recommend them on service and on their competitive pricing.
Roshnah Amjad.Apr 2, 2017
Recommend to all.
PIPER.Apr 20, 2014
Recommend using them.
POPPY.Apr 20, 2014
Popular.Apr 21, 2019
Relaibly discreet and efficient service.
REMI.Apr 22, 2014
Relax and get a safe, quick, reliable service from a UK pharmacy which also is the best value I could find.
RILEY.Apr 23, 2014
Reliable and fast
ROSE.Apr 23, 2014
Reliable and trustworthy.
RUBY.Apr 24, 2014
Reliable service. Quality of my medicine seems fine
RYA.Apr 24, 2014
Reliable, easy to order.
RYDER.Apr 25, 2017
Reliable, efficient service from 33Drugs you can use their services with confidence.
SADIE.Apr 26, 2014
Reliable, unbureaucratic and quick
SAMUEL.Apr 26, 2014
Reliable.Definitely buy with them in the future.
Robert Shearing.Apr 27, 2014
Reminded me of need for repeat order, that they fulfilled with a few clicks and no fuss at all. I recommend strongly.
SAVANNAH.Apr 27, 2014
Repeat ordering is simple and delivery is always on time
SCARLETT.Apr 28, 2017
Required a quick service and got a quick service for a COVID test. Thanks!
SEBASTIAN.Apr 29, 2014
Restrictions in this time of 2020 we will be lucky see the greater advance of increase the greater balance of anxieties.
SIENNA.Apr 29, 2014
Rip off, avoid!
SOFIA.Apr 3, 2014
Royal Mail performance not so good.
STELLA.Apr 5, 2014
S. A very satisfied customer.
SUMMER.Apr 6, 2014
Safe, quick service. Very customer friendly.
THEO.Apr 6, 2014
Satisfaction guaranteed
THEODORE.Apr 7, 2017
Schnelle Lieferung, alles problemlos.
THOMAS.Apr 8, 2014
Second time I have used this service and completely satisfied with the prompt service and products. Thank you
VINCENT.Apr 8, 2014
seems a good service
VIOLET.Apr 9, 2014
Seriously efficient!
WILLIAM.Apr 9, 2014
Service and delivery excellent
WILLOW.Aug 1, 2019
Service and delivery times was all on point and received my order well within the times that was given. Highly recommended for anyone.
XAVIER.Aug 10, 2019
Service and speed of delivery was excellent. Price was very good too. I am impressed.
ZACHARY.Aug 11, 2019
service arrived on time and was kept up to date with delivery details.
ZARA.Aug 12, 2019
Service by missing items, non advice and being spoken to in a manor asserting I’m a fool.
ZARA.Aug 13, 2019
Service clair et efficace
ZARA.Aug 14, 2019
service excellent
ZOE.Aug 15, 2019
Service excellent and would recommend them to friends & family
ZOEY.Aug 16, 2019
Service is fantastic and quick
Jennifer.Aug 17, 2019
Service is good and fast. These are the only tablets that have worked for me so chuffed to bits
Martin.Aug 18, 2019
Service very efficient
Amanda.Aug 19, 2019
Service very good
David.Aug 2, 2019
Service was faultless, good product with fast delivery
Susan.Aug 20, 2019
Service was good. Delivery was within 4 days.. Good if you cant get to doctors and you know what drugs you need
Thomas.Aug 21, 2019
Service was good but product less so
Heather.Aug 23, 2019
Service was very easy to use. I will definitely use it again!
Mark.Aug 24, 2019
Service was very quick and easy. I like that my GP can be notified so they are also aware of my order.
Julie.Aug 25, 2019
Services are excellent
Russell.Aug 26, 2019
Shipped on time just as described
Gail.Aug 27, 2019
Shipping, delivery and customer service experience may vary based on the impact of COVID19
Michael.Aug 28, 2019
Silenafil Teva 100mg
Deborah.Aug 29, 2019
Simple, straight forward ordering and quick delivery. Excellent service, used them several times now always consistent
Leslie.Aug 3, 2019
Simple and concise process, with accessible website. Great prices and quick delivery!
Michele.Aug 30, 2019
Simple and easy
John.Aug 31, 2019
Simple and easy that’s what I want
Karen.Aug 5, 2019
Simple and quick, easy to use
Malcolm.Aug 6, 2019
Simple and reliable
Janelle.Aug 7, 2019
Simple and straightforward ordering process. Online consultation is well designed. Quick delivery.
Stephen.Aug 8, 2019
simple easy to use
Kim.Aug 9, 2019
Simple efficient discrete
Stuart.Dec 1, 2019
Simple hassle free speedy service, perfect for those with a busy life. Better than waiting 3 weeks to see a Dr to get a prescription.
Janet.Dec 10, 2019
Simple order process.
Gregory.Dec 11, 2019
Simple process. Easy to use ordering and efficient service. Will use again
Debra.Dec 12, 2019
Simple to order from and had what I required in stock for immediate delivery 🙂
Joseph.Dec 13, 2019
Simple to use
Lorraine.Dec 14, 2019
Simple to use, great prices and delivery is totally always on time and often early! I don’t generally write reviews but this service is exceptional.
Robert.Dec 14, 2014
Simple, easy and fast efficient service! Great prices too!!
Christine.Dec 15, 2019
Simple, secure online ordering & payment process. Tablets received very quickly. Great service
Scott.Dec 16, 2019
Simply fabulous service.
Fiona.Dec 16, 2014
simply magical! Recommended 100% 😀
Paul.Dec 17, 2019
Site was easy to navigate. Competitive pricing and prompt delivery.
Sharon.Dec 18, 2019
Slick, fast, hasslefree service at a very competitive price. Recommended.
Donald.Dec 18, 2014
Smart way to get the right medication when you want,
Maree.Dec 19, 2019
Smooth as a smooth thing
Anthony.Dec 2, 2019
Smooth easy transaction with no hassle
Catherine.Dec 20, 2019
Smooth transaction checked and despatched quickly. Great service.
Keith.Dec 20, 2014
Snabb och säker leverans. Läkemedelsgodkända produkter till ett överkomligt pris. Levererar också utanför UK (åtminstone innan Brexit...)
Rosemary.Dec 21, 2019
snabbt leverans
Wayne.Dec 21, 2014
Snabbt och okomplicerat
Margaret.Dec 22, 2019
Snabbt och säkert
Grant.Dec 22, 2014
So convenient and delivery was really quick
Roslyn.Dec 23, 2019
So easy and simple ordered in no time at all ordered next day delivery and bang next day there it was discreetly packaged no one any the wiser. Will definitely use again
Ian.Dec 23, 2014
So easy to order and very fast delivery would definitely use again if i had too.
Vicki.Dec 24, 2019
So far I've been very satisfied with TrustedTablets's services.
Tony.Dec 24, 2014
So yes not a good experience what so ever, its a shame I cannot upload photos to show the events of delivery an the box...
Lesley.Dec 25, 2019
Sold medication.didn’t work, they couldn’t/wouldn’t help. Been buying the same medication for years, they changed the suppler, same name different size pill different packaging and they didn’t work, emailed for help, got a “we’re sorry but we can’t really help you” reply. Always been a great on line service, until they changed a supplier for some reason, but didn’t ask me if I’m ok with that. The original supplier is a huge company so maybe they got a little too expensive, but I don’t know for certain
Christopher.Dec 26, 2019
Robyn.Dec 26, 2014
Speed of service and celivery
Patrick.Dec 27, 2019
Speedy and discrete service; would highly recommend
Janice.Dec 27, 2014
Speedy and efficient but very expensive compared to other similar pharmacies in the UK.
Steven.Dec 28, 2019
Speedy and efficient service, would highly recommend.
Wendy.Dec 28, 2014
Speedy and efficient service. No complaints at all.
Edward.Dec 29, 2019
Speedy and professional
Lisa.Dec 3, 2019
speedy delivery
Gary.Dec 30, 2019
Speedy delivery and a first class service. I would highly recommend 33Drugs A+A+A+
Elizabeth.Dec 30, 2014
Speedy delivery and easy system to use.
Noel.Dec 31, 2019
Speedy delivery 👍
Lynne.Dec 31, 2014
Speedy delivery, results are reported within 24 hours
Geoffrey.Dec 4, 2019
Speedy despatch and good comms throughout.
Helen.Dec 6, 2019
speedy service
Douglas.Dec 7, 2019
Speedy service. Would use again
Alison.Dec 8, 2019
Richard.Dec 9, 2019
Speedy, efficient and very simple.
Cheryl.Feb 1, 2014
Straight forward account set up with existing health issues being a priority.
Maureen.Feb 10, 2014
straight forward ordering process good product description very competitive price and excellent delivery I will order again and would recommend them to others
James.Feb 10, 2014
Straightforward and efficient.
Joanne.Feb 11, 2014
Straightforward consultation process and speedy delivery. Longdated medication. This is a very efficient service.
Daniel.Feb 11, 2014
Straightforward web site, easy to find what I wanted and competitively priced.
Colleen.Feb 12, 2014
Such a convenient way to get your medicine quickly delivered to your door.. fantastic service
Garry.Feb 12, 2014
Super delivery,no hassle
Lynette.Feb 13, 2014
Super easy and fast delivery
Gordon.Feb 13, 2014
Super efficient and quick service
Sally.Feb 14, 2014
Super efficient super quick
Brian.Feb 14, 2014
Super efficient, very quick delivery, professional. The price is great. Received results in less than 48 hours. The swab was taken seamlessly. Got a fit to fly certificate for free!
Donna.Feb 15, 2019
Super fast and easy to order
Terrence.Feb 16, 2014
Super fast delivery
Frances.Feb 16, 2014
Super fast delivery and cheapest around will definitely order again
William.Feb 17, 2014
Super fast delivery with competitive edge on pricing.
Michelle.Feb 17, 2014
Super fast deliveryand worked perfectly for me.
Dennis.Feb 18, 2014
Super fast efficient service, always my first choice.
Angela.Feb 18, 2014
Super fast efficient service, I would recommend.
Kevin.Feb 19, 2014
Super fast service!
Kerry.Feb 19, 2014
Super good service with an excellent delivery. Quick and thorough online consultation followed by a comprehensive choice of medicines.
Charles.Feb 2, 2019
Super quick delivery
Anna.Feb 20, 2014
Super quick, accurate service, no hassle transaction.
Phillip.Feb 20, 2014
Super service
Anne.Feb 21, 2014
Super speedy service! Would definitely recommend
Dean.Feb 21, 2014
Superb & Fast
Yvonne.Feb 22, 2014
Superb service
Craig.Feb 22, 2014
Superb service prompt delivery
Linda.Feb 24, 2017
Superb service, speedy delivery and high quality products. I have purchased a number of times from TrustedTablets, and in comparison to other such sites it is by far the best, in terms of customer service, ease and clarity of use. Will definitely be repurchasing as 33Drugs is one of those rare sites that actually delivers on their objectives.
Frank.Feb 25, 2014
Superbly quick
Glenda.Feb 25, 2014
Surprisingly fast delivery and a lot cheaper than the competition, I have used this company a few times now and will continue to do so.
Colin.Feb 26, 2014
Swift and professional servcie
Judith.Feb 26, 2014
Swift and top class service
Roger.Feb 27, 2014
Swift reliable service
Shirley.Feb 27, 2014
Swift response both online and delivery. Than you.
Graham.Feb 28, 2014
Swift review, very fast shipping... perfect!
Mary.Feb 28, 2014
Terrible paid £130 and still waiting for results from a week ago. Do not use this provider!
Susanne.Feb 3, 2014
Test took 5 days, useless for travel, your phone was off and email out of date, a complete waste of money for me! I had to postpone my travel and book another test! Extremely stressful and I would like my money back!
Bruce.Feb 3, 2014
Thank you
Sandra.Feb 4, 2014
Thank you very much indeed.
Darryl.Feb 4, 2014
Thank you everything satisfied me.
Feb.Feb 5, 2019
Thank you for being so helpful,found it an easy system for ordering.
Rodney.Feb 6, 2014
Thank you for your attention to my requirements
Patricia.Feb 6, 2014
Thank you TrustedTablets
Nicholas.Feb 7, 2014
Thank you.
Janette.Feb 7, 2014
Glenn.Feb 8, 2014
Thanks Amit. You couldn’t have been more helpful.
Maria.Feb 8, 2014
Thanks folks. 😊
Simon.Feb 9, 2017
Thanks for a great service.
Ruth.Jan 1, 2014
Thanks for an excellent efficient service it was great organisation with pleasant friendly staff. I was treated with respect and dignity. The staff were very knowledgeable. The area was clean we were seen quickly and safely.
Andrew.Jan 1, 2014
Thanks perfect 🤩
Kerrie.Jan 10, 2019
Thanks very much!!
Murray.Jan 11, 2019
Thank You TrustedTablets
Therese.Jan 12, 2017
That’s really easy to use
Raymond.Jan 13, 2014
That’s valentines sorted 💪🏽
Debbie.Jan 13, 2014
The app. Was easy to use.
Eric.Jan 14, 2014
The are speedy and very efficient.
Pauline.Jan 14, 2014
the best supplier that I have dealt with and I will continue to use them.
Brett.Jan 15, 2014
The bottle of liquid was only part filled allowing me only several uses. Sorry.
Suzanne.Jan 15, 2014
The communication was spot on, the delivery was very smooth and within the time frame provided. Very happy with the purchase will buy soon!
Terence.Jan 16, 2014
The computer site is easy to use and the prices are competitive. After all the checks the delivery is quick efficient and discreet
Beverley.Jan 16, 2014
The consultation form is very straight forward and simple to fill complete. When the medication has been prescribed the order process is even easier and very quick, my medication was delivered within 48 hours.
Philip.Jan 17, 2014
The consultation process was straight forward and informative, i felt that they understood my concerns and acted the best way and appropriately. The delivery service was prompt.My overall experience was 5 star and would recommended 33Drugs to anyone who asked me.
Annette.Jan 17, 2014
The delivery was fast, and I was very happy with the service received.
Neville.Jan 18, 2014
The entire process for me was quick and thorough. Delivery was made the following day in discrete packaging
Jeanette.Jan 18, 2014
The expiry date was too short
Jeffrey.Jan 19, 2014
The goods arrived according to my instructions and on time
Louise.Jan 19, 2014
The item hasn't arrived nearly a week later. I have phoned customer service, emailed and sent a Facebook message and absolutely no communication back from them.
Francis.Jan 2, 2014
The item ordered was delivered very quickly and was as described. I would certainly use them again and recommend them.
Jacqueline.Jan 2, 2014
Kenneth.Jan 20, 2014
The items came in the post the following day.
Dianne.Jan 20, 2014
The medication is exactly as described. The price was great and the delivery was discretely packaged and well rapped. Came within timescales advertised.
Bernard.Jan 21, 2014
The online personnel are highly professorial in their approach and more so very understanding swift postal service.
Katherine.Jan 21, 2014
The only online site I trust. Always helpful and very fast delivery.
Alan.Jan 22, 2014
The order is scheduled for next day delivery, and from previous experience this will be the case.
Jane.Jan 22, 2014
The ordering process is very efficient and easily done, which enables me to manage my migraines
Norman.Jan 23, 2014
The postal part is inadequate when getting more than 1 item
Belinda.Jan 23, 2014
The prescription arrives very quickly and contains what is required
Bradley.Jan 24, 2014
The Price and the fast way 33Drugs dealt with myorder
Rhonda.Jan 24, 2014
The process was quite straightforward and did not take long. The medication arrived promptly.
Alexander.Jan 25, 2014
the product i brought was very good. quick delivery as well
Bronwyn.Jan 25, 2014
The product was delivered speedily and fussfree. Great service.
Ronald.Jan 27, 2017
The products are real and work, I've ordered on several occasions now, and I will keep using them hence the 5 stars
Diane.Jan 28, 2014
The service has always been fantastic
Grahame.Jan 28, 2014
The service I have received has been excellent. On one occasion the website wasn't taking payments so I had to talk to an advisor. This help was also prompt and excellent. Thank you.
Tanya.Jan 29, 2014
The service is always good, product good, hassle free and delivered on time. I could go to the pharmacy but with the hours I work 33Drugs is convenient and saves time and driving to the pharmacy. Recommended
Neil.Jan 29, 2014
The service is excellent. Orders come on time. There are no delays like elsewhere.
Kathleen.Jan 3, 2014
The service is five star. I would recommend it to friends and family. delivery times are excellent and the communications are also excellent. one important factor: The products works
Daryl.Jan 3, 2014
The service is good
Marie.Jan 30, 2014
The service is great and quick
Ross.Jan 30, 2014
the service is great quick response fast delivery
Leanne.Jan 31, 2014
The service is very good, delivery is on time and in plain packaging.
Gerard.Jan 31, 2014
The service seems a good idea, to get your prescription done by these guys, but in practice I've found it impossible.
Toni.Jan 4, 2014
The service they provided was First class 👍
Barry.Jan 4, 2014
The service was fast and efficient.
Kathryn.Jan 5, 2014
The service was great and the actual process of ordering was easy!
Jeffery.Jan 5, 2014
The service was quick and at a great price. Very simple and easy to use. Can’t recommend this highly enough.
Lynda.Jan 6, 2014
The service was quick and easy I received my medication just the next day.
Timothy.Jan 6, 2014
the service was quick and efficient
Narelle.Jan 7, 2014
The service was very good, quick and comprehensive.
Ricky.Jan 7, 2014
The service was well scripted and access to the doctors was easy and clean. Progression through their system was fast and the prescription arrived on time as promised.
Megan.Jan 8, 2014
The service you give is excellent, the price is also great, the delivery is spot on
Graeme.Jan 8, 2014
The site is very user friendly, prices are competitive and the delivery is very speedy.
Carol.Jan 9, 2014
The Staff are pleasant, helpful, understanding and the service provided is quite OUTSTANDING.
Lee.Jan 9, 2014
the system is quick and efficient.
Kay.Jul 1, 2019
The web site was easy to negotiate and the products and options clearly defined.
Trevor.Jul 10, 2019
The web site was very easy to use
Ann.Jul 11, 2019
The website is easy to navigate. The questions asked regarding required medication are pertinent. It all feels super professional. If you commute to work it’s not always possible to see a doctor for routine, regular prescriptions. 33Drugs ticks all the right boxes. Thanks!
Adrian.Jul 12, 2019
The website is easy to use and delivery was prompt. I'm extremely happy with the service and will use again.
Diana.Jul 13, 2019
The website is easy to use and navigate through. Prompt delivery of the items once the order is placed
Warren.Jul 15, 2019
The website was easy to use and the items arrived quickly. Would definitely use again.
Denise.Jul 16, 2019
The website was very easy to navigate, the service was quick and my purchase was delivered the very next day as promised, in discrete packaging. Highly recommended.
Perry.Jul 17, 2019
The whole process ordering from 33Drugs is quick and simple to complete. Excellent service and very quick delivery. I have no hesitation in recommending 33Drugs to anyone!
Lee.Jul 18, 2019
The whole process was quick and easy!
Allan.Jul 19, 2019
The whole Transaction was super fast without any problems and delivered in good time. Would recommend this service to anyone
Tracey.Jul 2, 2019
Their website is very easy to navigate and find the information that you need, and their delivery has always been next day,
Frederick.Jul 20, 2019
They are a great service prompt and really helpful i would thoroughly recommend them
Victoria.Jul 21, 2019
They are very efficient! I did my order then the same week I received it.
Shane.Jul 22, 2019
They certainly live up to their name. Very good efficient service
Barbara.Jul 23, 2019
They delivered as promised
Warwick.Jul 24, 2019
They delivered exactly what had been ordered, exactly when they'd promised
Virginia.Jul 25, 2019
They had product delivered on time yes I’ve recommended it to friends
George.Jul 26, 2019
They have super quick delivery, great for if you need them before a holiday as I did as had forgotten to buy earlier. Also, they deliver in pain packaging and it's the cheapest deal around. Highly recommended from a returning customer.
Pamela.Jul 27, 2019
They helped me right from the start and delivered my order on time which was really needed as I had ran out of my last inhaler
Maxwell.Jul 28, 2019
They make ordering medication very easy and deliver promptly as promised.
Janine.Jul 29, 2019
They met the requirements for the "Fit to Fly" CovID test.
Terry.Jul 3, 2019
They provided the medicine on the date and time arranged and with no hassle excellent service all round.
Carolyn.Jul 30, 2019
They really work and now it allows me to last for many hours of love making.
Arthur.Jul 31, 2019
They service was excellent and delivered on time.
Bernadette.Jul 5, 2019
They were a great price and did as promised
Glen.Jul 6, 2019
They were excellent in every way great advice and understanding would recommend to anyone.
Leonie.Jul 7, 2019
They were fast and efficient and able to give sound advice and I am very satisfied with their service.
Guy.Jul 8, 2019
They were fast efficient and asked all the right questions and gave me the answers I needed
Jill.Jul 9, 2019
They were quick to sort the order and send it. It arrived earlier than I expected and that was great.
Peter.Jun 1, 2019
They were very good and the medicine come on time definitely going to stay with this and use again
Jennifer.Jun 10, 2019
They were very quick and responsive to my order
Donald.Jun 11, 2019
They will not let you down
Maree.Jun 12, 2019
This is a fantastic website, fast & easy to use and quick delivery
John.Jun 13, 2019
This is a good idea if you remember to order on time, people do work, and when you get to work, your mind is in that zone!! I have a few times forgotten to order through this system, for me that is no crime, but when your surgery tells you that you will be without your heart meds if you keep having to phone us!! My answer to that is get a real job where most of us earn pittance and have really crap pensions, but then maybe us poping our clogs could be a good NHS saving!!
Susan.Jun 14, 2019
This is a great service, well priced and delivery is usually within 2448 hours. Simple to use and I have recommended it without hesitation to my friends. You really can’t go wrong.
Thomas.Jun 16, 2019
This is an excellent service, I’m very happy with their products
Tracey.Jun 17, 2019
This is legit, I reccomend using their services.
David.Jun 18, 2019
This is one of the greatest and genuine online pharmacies that I found. Items are delivered on time without a delay. I recommend anyone to visit there website and buy from there.
Deborah.Jun 19, 2019
This is the 2nd time i have used 33Drugs and they are brilliant, very efficient,
Bradley.Jun 2, 2019
This is very nice product with good effects and good price. Thanks
Rosemary.Jun 20, 2019
This service is amazing in every way. It’s always on time.
Michael.Jun 21, 2019
This service is perfect. Everything from the products itself to the delivery speed / discrete packaging.
Julie.Jun 22, 2019
This was a quick, confidential service. I would use again.
Grant.Jun 23, 2019
This was a very simple easy to use service with a good prompt delivery which is all you could want. Highly recommended
Amanda.Jun 24, 2019
This website is trustworthy, reliable and very helpful. Products arrive quickly and help is on hand if required.
Stephen.Jun 25, 2019
Thorough diagnostic survery prior to order, to safeguard against perscribing in the wrong circumstances, reliable 24 hour dispatch, straightforward reordering
Shane.Jun 27, 2019
Thorough question whole process takes very little time
Janet.Jun 28, 2019
Thorough with quick and discrete delivery.
Mark.Jun 29, 2019
Thoroughly recommend.
Debra.Jun 3, 2019
Through you my sexial performance has been restored
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Throughly recommend this company service. There pricing is very competitive and delivery prompt with good communication throughout. Thank you
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Tidy site to use, super efficient delivery. Will use again. Thanks
Gregory.Jun 6, 2019
Timing delivery.
Kim.Jun 7, 2019
Toimutus lyhessä ajassa, luotettava toimittaja kaikin puolin.
Glen.Jun 8, 2019
Took 1 x 50mg tablet and it didn't work. Going to try 2 tablets tonight.
Heather.Mar 1, 2014
took long time to answer to my Query, then offered me £1.80 discount, hardly good enough.
Robert.Mar 1, 2014
took them over a week and a few other emails to get it
Christine.Mar 10, 2014
Top class service, fast delivery, a very good competitive price.
Keith.Mar 10, 2014
Top timely service
Carolyn.Mar 11, 2014
Tried to obtain extra, was denied, you are aloud 12 per day to calmly reduce attacks.
Margaret.Mar 12, 2014
Tried to talk to someone from medex no one bothered to call back.
Patrick.Mar 12, 2014
Colleen.Mar 13, 2014
Trustworthy and reliable. Excellent service.
Wayne.Mar 13, 2014
trustworthy proffesional company.thank you
Wendy.Mar 14, 2019
Unauthorised transaction
Douglas.Mar 15, 2014
Unbelievably quick delivery a five star service thank you
Fiona.Mar 15, 2014
Uncomplicated ordering quick delivery
Anthony.Mar 16, 2014
Under lockdown certain drugs were difficult to obtain. They provided them free of charge next day for only postage costs.
Kerry.Mar 16, 2014
Under the current circumstances with Coronavirus, not having to add extra pressure to my doctor is good,
Joseph.Mar 17, 2017
Unfortunately let down by Royal mail next day delivery service that never arruves the next day.
Janice.Mar 18, 2014
United Kingdom
Ian.Mar 18, 2014
Use med express everytime 👍🏻
Vicki.Mar 19, 2014
Used 33Drugs several times now always the best value and delivery is efficent and prompt. I would highly recommend you try them for yourself.
Scott.Mar 19, 2014
Useful product information
Janelle.Mar 2, 2014
Useful service. To describe this as an online doctor is really a little exaggerated as the “doctor part” is, in the main just checking prescriptions
Christopher.Mar 2, 2014
User friendly site, easy to orientate to Chen product. Delivery date met
Sharon.Mar 20, 2014
Veery quick and efficient. I would highly recommend.
Tony.Mar 20, 2014
very botherfree experience
Lesley.Mar 21, 2019
Very clear explanations. Prompt service
Gary.Mar 22, 2014
Very competitive pricing and super fast delivery
Robyn.Mar 22, 2014
Very convenient and reliable
Edward.Mar 23, 2014
Very discreet. Very prompt.
Leanne.Mar 23, 2014
Very discreet and fast service,cannot be faulted.would use again without hesitation.
Geoffrey.Mar 24, 2014
Very easy and convenient
Cheryl.Mar 24, 2014
Very easy and quick delivery
Dennis.Mar 25, 2014
very easy and straightforward to order, i will be ordering again and I would recommend this service
Sally.Mar 25, 2014
Very easy and very quick excellent
Steven.Mar 26, 2014
Very easy app and quick delivery. I will use this site again.
Lynette.Mar 26, 2014
Very easy order process, efficiently executed with speedy delivery
Gordon.Mar 27, 2014
Very easy ordering
Bronwyn.Mar 27, 2014
Very easy ordering process with confidence your GPs are doing a thorough job on vetting the appropriateness of the medication to my condition
Kevin.Mar 28, 2019
Very easy ordering process. Items delivered on time, well packaged and good value.
Elizabeth.Mar 29, 2019
Very easy process and good updates
Darryl.Mar 3, 2014
Very easy process and speedy delivery
Kay.Mar 3, 2014
Very easy service would recommend.
Brian.Mar 30, 2017
Very easy straight forward received it very quick.
Helen.Mar 31, 2014
very easy to deal with and a fast and efficient service to delivery
Neville.Mar 31, 2014
Very easy to do, different treatment available, delivered on time
Beverley.Mar 4, 2014
Very easy to navigate site and prompt service. Recommended.
Phillip.Mar 4, 2014
Very easy to navigate the website, very good prompt service.
Judith.Mar 5, 2014
very easy to order, quick delivery good helpful staff.a pleasure to deal with
Roger.Mar 5, 2014
very easy to order and delivery was really quick
Ruth.Mar 6, 2019
Very easy to order and fast delivery service
William.Mar 7, 2019
Very easy to order and good price.
Catherine.Mar 8, 2014
Very easy to order and it arrives when they say they will deliver. I will continue to use.
Daniel.Mar 8, 2014
Very easy to order and super speedy delivery.
Janette.Mar 9, 2017
Very easy to order products and services really good reliable delivery of goods and no worries at all
James.May 1, 2014
very easy to order what i needed, a pleasant online chat answer some questions about what i needed,easy to pay goods arrived prompt 2 days later with royal mail through my letter box so glad i found this company
Anne.May 1, 2014
Very easy to order what you need and prompt delivery
Terrence.May 10, 2019
very easy to order. arrives fast. very good service
Diana.May 13, 2019
Very easy to use
Garry.May 14, 2019
Very easy to use all doctors are very nice and quick send out....
Linda.May 15, 2019
Very easy to use and efficient
Stuart.May 16, 2019
Very easy to use and full of useful information and details. Very competitive prices
Jacqueline.May 17, 2019
Very easy to use and great delivery times and service in general.
Graham.May 19, 2019
Very easy to use and quick delivery.
Sandra.May 2, 2014
Very easy to use website, products quickly delivered and good communication
Matthew.May 2, 2014
Very easy to use, discreet, quickly dispatched and delivered.
Lynne.May 20, 2019
Very easy to use. Straightforward and fast delivery.
Colin.May 21, 2019
Very easy website to use
Mary.May 22, 2019
Very easy website to use and orders turn up extremely quickly
Terence.May 23, 2019
Very easy, great service with speedy delivery and good communication
Feb.May 24, 2019
Very easy, very fast
Bruce.May 25, 2019
Very easy, very quick delivery. Highly recommend
Patricia.May 27, 2019
Very effectent and quick service
Bernard.May 28, 2019
Very effective service. Arrived quickly and product worked well.
Maureen.May 29, 2019
very efficient
Richard.May 3, 2019
Very efficient goods arrived quicker than expected
Suzanne.May 31, 2019
Very efficient & friendly service. Avoids the need for having to take time off work, & spend hours trying to get an appointment. Would recommend this company to anyone.
Noel.May 5, 2019
Very efficient and accurate
Glenda.May 6, 2019
Very efficient and delivered on time
Kenneth.May 7, 2019
Very efficient and delivered on time as expected
Joanne.May 8, 2019
Very efficient and delivery quick
Charles.May 9, 2019
Very efficient and easy to deal with
Jeanette.Nov 1, 2019
Very efficient and fast service
Andrew.Nov 10, 2019
very efficient and professional service which i would recommend to others
Michelle.Nov 11, 2019
Very efficient and prompt service
Eric.Nov 12, 2019
Very efficient and quick
Belinda.Nov 13, 2019
Very efficient and quick service
Philip.Nov 14, 2019
Very efficient and quick. Website easy to navigate. Will use again.
Dianne.Nov 15, 2019
Very efficient and speedy response to my order. This is excellent service and should be commended. I will continue to use this faultless online pharmacy.
Larry.Nov 16, 2019
Very efficient inline service.
Bernadette.Nov 17, 2019
very efficient service
Raymond.Nov 18, 2019
Very efficient service I would recommend
Diane.Nov 19, 2019
Very efficient service and prompt delivery
Nicholas.Nov 2, 2019
Very efficient service and quick delivery.
Frances.Nov 20, 2019
Very efficient service and remind you of repeat prescriptions.
Glenn.Nov 21, 2019
Very efficient service, and easy to use. Professional and prompt delivery.
Barbara.Nov 22, 2019
Very efficient service, and fast delivery. Can’t wait to my next order.
Frank.Nov 24, 2019
Very efficient service, my order was delivered within a few days. No need to take time off work.
Shirley.Nov 25, 2019
Very efficient service. Straightforward ordering process and prompt delivery. I would recommend them and but from them again.
Alan.Nov 26, 2019
Very efficient!
Maria.Nov 27, 2019
Very efficient,
Norman.Nov 28, 2019
Very efficient, and order arrived when said.
Angela.Nov 29, 2019
Very efficient. Easy to use site. I like going through the health questionnaire, inspires confidence!
Jeffrey.Nov 4, 2019
Very efficiently delivered. It made it so simple to get help.
Jane.Nov 5, 2019
Very fast
Simon.Nov 6, 2019
Very fast & easy to use
Lynn.Nov 7, 2019
Very fast and correct.I am satisfied with their service.
Ross.Nov 8, 2019
Very fast and discreet service with pickup at local post office
Debbie.Oct 1, 2019
Very fast and easy
Kim.Oct 10, 2019
very fast and efficient
Anna.Oct 11, 2019
Very fast and efficient service
Neil.Oct 12, 2019
Very fast and efficient service, goods arrived fast and well packaged
Annette.Oct 14, 2019
Very fast and efficient service. Will certainly be buying again soon
Daryl.Oct 15, 2019
Very fast and excelent service
Alison.Oct 16, 2019
Very fast and informative, and parcel tracking information is excellent
Ronald.Oct 17, 2019
Very fast and no fuss. Highly recommended
Denise.Oct 18, 2019
Very fast and professional
Warwick.Oct 19, 2019
Very fast and reliable
Marie.Oct 2, 2019
very fast and spot on service
Graeme.Oct 20, 2019
Very fast delivery
Kerrie.Oct 21, 2019
Very fast delivery and I can truly recommend this pharmacy.
Jeffery.Oct 22, 2019
Very fast delivery at a great prices
Pauline.Oct 23, 2019
Very fast delivery no problems product as described and has changed my life
Allan.Oct 24, 2019
Very fast delivery, easy to use website. Excellent product. Will definitely use service in the future.
Louise.Oct 25, 2019
Very Fast Delivery, fantastic to deal with :)
Adrian.Oct 27, 2019
Very fast delivery, great communication and easy to navigate website
Victoria.Oct 28, 2019
Very fast delivery, will 100% be using them again. I did pay for special delivery but its only because I ordered the paracetamol for my terminally ill dad that can't get them in any shop where he stays and the other postage options dod not cost much either and would've been pretty fast too. I just had to rush mines because like I says for my terminally ill dad. So I highly recommend this site and another bonus is, they sell packets that have more than you can buy in any shops. Great site, for anything like for eg. My omeprazole I get off ducs they sell on their too and its amazing. If need any of your doctors meds that aren't ones that make anyone drowsy or anything else overly strong then this is the place to buy. Many thanks MedExpress for being there during these difficult times. 👍👌👍👌👍
Rodney.Oct 29, 2019
Very fast delivery.
Kathleen.Oct 3, 2019
Very fast delivery. Overall good experience.
Leonard.Oct 30, 2019
Very fast delivery.have tried a couple of others. just can't be beat..thanks
Therese.Oct 31, 2019
Very fast dispatch. Good range of medical supplies. Good company
Barry.Oct 4, 2019
Very fast efficient service was well impressed with the speed from initial on line purchase to both text and email results. First class service
Gail.Oct 5, 2019
Very fast effiencient service
Maxwell.Oct 6, 2019
Very fast great in genral
Katherine.Oct 7, 2019
Very fast response, will definitely get advice from 33Drugs online doctor when needed.
Timothy.Oct 8, 2019
very fast service
Ann.Oct 9, 2019
Very fast service and reasonably priced, also handy having the email reminder of when you are likely to reorder. Comes in discrete packaging that does not require a signature
Alexander.Sep 1, 2019
Very fast service good communication on order progress
Penelope.Sep 10, 2019
Very fast turn around from authorisation of prescription to arriving at your door. 100% delivery record.
Warren.Sep 11, 2019
Very fast turnaround and best price available.
Rhonda.Sep 12, 2019
Very fast, efficient service. Highly recommended.
Allen.Sep 13, 2019
Very fast, good service
Brenda.Sep 14, 2019
Very fast, low cost, no problems. Cheaper than competitors
Craig.Sep 15, 2019
Very fast, reliable service.
Carol.Sep 16, 2019
Very fast, simple and efficient
Arthur.Sep 17, 2019
Very first class services
Virginia.Sep 18, 2019
Very good
Trevor.Sep 19, 2019
Very good & efficient
Michele.Sep 2, 2019
Very good.
Frederick.Sep 20, 2019
Very good. could not find any better. Thanks
Lee.Sep 21, 2019
Very good A+++
Malcolm.Sep 22, 2019
Very good and efficient
Narelle.Sep 23, 2019
very good and efficient service thank you
Murray.Sep 24, 2019
Very good and fast postage
Yvonne.Sep 25, 2019
Very good and reliable
Russell.Sep 26, 2019
Very good and speedy service
Kathryn.Sep 27, 2019
Very good arrived on time
Francis.Sep 28, 2019
Very good buy again
Lynda.Sep 29, 2019
Very good company to order with and good service arrived just within 2 days
Martin.Sep 3, 2019
Very good customer care and service
Pamela.Sep 30, 2019
Very good device and fast
Grahame.Sep 4, 2019
Very good except for discount codes. they send them and retract them so they are not practical. But discreet and reliable
Sue.Sep 5, 2019
Very good experience so far!
Leslie.Sep 6, 2019
Very good in all ways prompt service quick delivery well plzed with all my products
Donna.Sep 7, 2019
Very good job of team.
Lindsay.Sep 8, 2019
Very good needed to change my order last minute, they were excellent nothing was too much trouble
Megan.Sep 9, 2019
Very good online consultation and very fast distrabution
George.Apr 1, 2015
Very good product
Leonie.Apr 1, 2016
Very good product works well for me. Excellent service as always. Very quick delivery.
Dean.Apr 10, 2015
Very good service
Joy.Apr 10, 2016
Very good service, prompt delivery
Brett.Apr 11, 2017
Very good service, quick delivery and easy to order, very happy with this site.
Lorraine.Apr 12, 2017
Very good service, will use again!!
Gerard.Apr 13, 2015
Very good service. Diagnoses correctly and the medication is already starting to improve the sores. Thank you!
Toni.Apr 13, 2016
Very good service and delivery
Matthew.Apr 14, 2015
Very good service and fast delivery. Thank you.
Jessica.Apr 14, 2016
Very good service and good choice
Lachlan.Apr 15, 2019
Very good service and much needed.
Melanie.Apr 16, 2015
Very good service and price very fair.It was very easy to order and again very good service.
Daniel.Apr 16, 2016
Very good service easy to order app easy to use
Sarah.Apr 17, 2015
Very good service fast and a quick delivery
Kyle.Apr 17, 2016
Very good service fast and always the right product
Katrina.Apr 19, 2017
Very good service fast delivery
Christopher.Apr 2, 2019
Very good service from start to finish would definitely recommend to others
Emma.Apr 20, 2015
Very good service highly recommend
Jonathan.Apr 20, 2016
Very good service highly recommended
Kayla.Apr 21, 2017
Very good service I would recommend to friends.
Joshua.Apr 22, 2015
Very good service thanks
Samantha.Apr 22, 2016
very good service with a quick delivery
Trent.Apr 23, 2015
Very good service 👍
Catherine.Apr 23, 2016
Very good service, arrived within 1 day of ordering, highly recommend
Michael.Apr 24, 2015
very good service, fast delivery
Rebecca.Apr 24, 2016
Very good service.
Jeremy.Apr 25, 2019
Very good service..... thanks 👍
Jenna.Apr 26, 2015
Very good speedy service!
James.Apr 26, 2016
Very good stuff. Fast delivery! :)
Lauren.Apr 27, 2015
Very good thanks
Richard.Apr 27, 2016
Very good will use them again
Rachael.Apr 28, 2019
Very good!
Benjamin.Apr 29, 2015
Very good! Thank you!
Melissa.Apr 29, 2016
very good, efficient prompt delivery
Rhys.Apr 3, 2015
Very good, I will use you again thanks
Tiffany.Apr 3, 2016
Very good, no complaints whatsoever
Andrew.Apr 30, 2017
Very good, ordered Covid 19 test kit and was despatched that evening using Special Delivery postage so no complaints about TrustedTablets.
Amy.Apr 4, 2017
Very good.
Liam.Apr 5, 2015
Very good. Quick online consultation, easy ordering, fast delivery.
Tamara.Apr 5, 2016
Very good...smooth an easy process to order as well as speedy delivery
Luke.Apr 6, 2015
Very handy, quick service. Bit pricey
Nicole.Apr 6, 2016
Very Happy
Dylan.Apr 7, 2019
Very happy by the med express because i booked from india and after arriving to uk i got the kit which help me easy way and happy for the negative through mail and text messages
Vanessa.Apr 8, 2015
Very happy with TrustedTablets. During lockdown I suffered a recurrence of a previous issue. It wasn't lifethreatening, and I knew what medication I needed but felt that going to the surgery would waste my Dr's time during a difficult period for GPS. 33Drugs confirmed the medication I needed and sent it to me swiftly and easily. I would definitely use them again.
David.Apr 8, 2016
Very happy with service
Stephanie.Apr 9, 2015
Very happy with the service
Todd.Apr 9, 2016
Very happy with the service overall. Easy to order online and the delivery is quick.
Kirsty.Aug 1, 2017
Very happy with the service overall. Quick delivery. No problem with the product.
Thomas.Aug 10, 2017
very happy with the service, results arrived quickly just in time for my flight
Emily.Aug 11, 2017
Very happy with this service.
Craig.Aug 12, 2017
Very helpful and prompt service.
Kathryn.Aug 13, 2017
Very helpful and quick delivery
Nathan.Aug 14, 2017
Very helpful and 'uplifting' indeed. Thank you.
Amanda.Aug 15, 2017
Very helpful service quick delivery i will definitely be using this service again
Jordan.Aug 16, 2017
Very helpful when called and a great service. Promotion code can leave customers feeling ‘cheated’ as it is easy to google and only allowed on 1st order. Royal Mail ‘guaranteed’ next day delivery by 9am is unreliable. My package was not delivered until 12:37pm! And so was too late for use that day. Better to partner with a more reliable courier service Med Express, or your service gets tarnished!
Jasmine.Aug 17, 2017
Very helpful, efficient and excellent service
Mitchell.Aug 18, 2017
Very helpful. Quick service.
Laura.Aug 19, 2017
very helpfull, very quick delivery. the best online pharmacy!thank you
Phillip.Aug 2, 2017
Very impressed with your system. I was able to select what I wanted without any fuss. Your site is very easy to navigate and the checkout is very straightforward. Highly recommend.
Lucy.Aug 20, 2017
Very impressed with your website and found it very easy to order with fast delivery Thank You TrustedTablets
Adam.Aug 21, 2017
Very impressed.
Ashleigh.Aug 23, 2017
Very impressive
Corey.Aug 24, 2017
Very please with the service, I have used them several times. Particularly impressed with the on line consultation prior to placing my order.
Alicia.Aug 25, 2017
Very pleased with my meds. Arrived quickly. Will definitely use this service again.
Timothy.Aug 26, 2017
Very pleased with service
Natalie.Aug 27, 2017
Very pleased with simplicity of website, offering process and speed of delivery.
Brett.Aug 28, 2017
Very pleased with the service.
Alice.Aug 29, 2017
Very pleased with their service
Nicholas.Aug 3, 2017
Very pleased with this service.
Danielle.Aug 30, 2017
Very profesional and good customer service. High quality of the all medicines.
George.Aug 31, 2017
Very professional
Jacqueline.Aug 5, 2017
Very professional and descreit service arrived next day would highly recommend you will be ordering again from you
Alexander.Aug 6, 2017
Very professional and Efficient
Elizabeth.Aug 7, 2017
Very professional and efficient!
Adrian.Aug 8, 2017
Very professional and fast service.
Tegan.Aug 9, 2017
Very professional and quick service. The items required were delivered as requested and arrived as required
Samuel.Dec 1, 2017
Very professional quick service
Kate.Dec 10, 2017
Very professional with very clear objectives in helping with male problems etc
Zachary.Dec 11, 2017
Very professional without the fuss
Zoe.Dec 12, 2017
Very professional 👍
Aaron.Dec 13, 2017
Very professional, easy to deal with, highly recommend
Rachel.Dec 14, 2014
Very professional, helpful and nothing to much trouble, yes I would buy from again.
Ashley.Dec 14, 2015
Very Prompt
Alison.Dec 15, 2017
Very prompt & reliable.
Scott.Dec 16, 2014
very prompt and efficient
Alexandra.Dec 16, 2015
very prompt and efficient service
Jared.Dec 17, 2017
Very prompt in dispatching order
Monique.Dec 18, 2014
Very prompt sevice
Jason.Dec 18, 2015
Very qick and reliable service
Hannah.Dec 19, 2019
Very quick
Ben.Dec 2, 2017
Very quick and discreet
Carly.Dec 20, 2014
Very quick and discreet delivery. Fair price and value for money. Lots and lots of products to chose from and product description
Robert.Dec 20, 2015
Very quick and discreet service.
Lisa.Dec 21, 2014
Very quick and discreet. Quality product.
Alex.Dec 21, 2015
Very quick and easy
Victoria.Dec 22, 2014
Very quick and easy on line ordering service, item delivered quickly and very much on time, thank you.
Ryan.Dec 22, 2015
Very quick and easy site to use. Kept informed throughout via email, choice of postage rates. Item arrived on time. Already have recommended 33Drugs to a friend.
Michelle.Dec 23, 2014
Very quick and easy test to do. Results came back within 2 days, particularly good as test was not sent until 22nd Dec.
Troy.Dec 23, 2015
Very quick and easy to work with.
Casey.Dec 24, 2014
Very quick and easy, great overall experience.
Anthony.Dec 24, 2015
Very quick and easy.promt delivery. Great service
Ashley.Dec 25, 2019
Very quick and efficient
Edward.Dec 26, 2014
Very quick and efficient delivery
Alana.Dec 26, 2015
Very quick and efficient Pleasure to use./
John.Dec 27, 2014
Very quick and efficient prescription and despatch. Would certainly use again.
Natasha.Dec 27, 2015
Very quick and efficient service
Damien.Dec 28, 2014
Very quick and efficient service. No problems whatsoever. Excellent product.
Shannon.Dec 28, 2015
Very quick and efficient!!
Peter.Dec 29, 2019
Very quick and efficient.
Erin.Dec 3, 2017
Very quick and efficient. I made a mistake and did a double order which they immediately refunded the wrong order whereas the correct order arrived the following day.
Beau.Dec 30, 2014
Very quick and efficient. No complaints.
Rhiannon.Dec 30, 2015
Very quick and excellent service
Mark.Dec 31, 2014
Very quick and good serivce
Megan.Dec 31, 2015
Very quick and professional service
Martin.Dec 4, 2017
Very quick and prompt service
Christine.Dec 6, 2017
Very quick and reasonable price.
Bradley.Dec 7, 2017
Very quick and reliable service
Sophie.Dec 8, 2017
Very quick and speedy service. Next day delivery. Will definitely use again
Ian.Dec 9, 2017
Very quick answering phone, resolving any issues in a very short period of time. Results sent to email with lab report data as requested. Fantastic
Grace.Feb 1, 2015
Very quick arrival of product.
William.Feb 1, 2016
Very quick delivery
Katherine.Feb 10, 2015
Very quick delivery from order
Shannon.Feb 10, 2016
Very quick delivery, emailing every step of the order.
Aimee.Feb 11, 2015
Very quick delivery, very clear instructions, robust packaging and return facility.
Cameron.Feb 11, 2016
Very quick delivery. Easy to use website I would use them again
Chloe.Feb 12, 2015
Very quick delivery. Great service.
Dane.Feb 12, 2016
Very quick service
Simone.Feb 13, 2015
Very quick service and can track my package
Joel.Feb 13, 2016
Very quick service and great prices!
Jennifer.Feb 14, 2015
Very quick service very reliable
Gregory.Feb 14, 2016
Very quick service, great product!
Ashlee.Feb 15, 2017
very quick service, no hassle
Patrick.Feb 16, 2015
Very quick simple and efficient... medication arrived in the expected time.
Courtney.Feb 16, 2016
Very quick Very simple process very discreet. Well done
Grant.Feb 17, 2015
Very quick, no issues.
Kylie.Feb 17, 2016
Very quick. Very pleased.
Mathew.Feb 18, 2015
Very quickly dispatched and arrive within a couple of days.
Hayley.Feb 18, 2016
Very reliable and quick delivery
Kevin.Feb 19, 2015
Very reliable in all areas.
Leah.Feb 19, 2016
Very reliable service. Quick delivery. Good prices.
Brendan.Feb 2, 2017
Very reliable, I have used 33Drugs for a few years now and the best online pharmacy experience I have had. Superb :)
Cassandra.Feb 20, 2015
Very satisfied with the product and price also very quick service
Sam.Feb 20, 2016
Very simple and straightforward, paid for express delivery so it arrived very quickly
Brittany.Feb 21, 2015
Very speedy dispatch and easy ordering process
Steven.Feb 21, 2016
Very speedy service. Excellent.
Tara.Feb 22, 2015
very speedy user friendly
Darren.Feb 22, 2016
Very straightforward and easy to complete my order online would highly recommend
Ellen.Feb 24, 2019
Very straightforward ordering and prompt delivery to my requested point at a very good price.
Dean.Feb 25, 2015
Very straightforward to order and first class service! Will use again
Brooke.Feb 25, 2016
very thorough and reliable
Jonathon.Feb 26, 2015
very thorough questionare,and excellent service coupled with prompt despatch,Thank You TrustedTablets
Jessie.Feb 26, 2016
Very trustworthy
Joseph.Feb 27, 2015
Very useful as I am one of these people that don’t like discussions about things with doctors I know it’s wrong but this service as helped a lot.
Stacey.Feb 27, 2016
Very Very Good
Brent.Feb 28, 2015
Very very poor
Clare.Feb 28, 2016
Jacob Hind-Punter.Feb 29, 2019
Was a bit sceptical about ordering online. Consultation questions were straightforward and items ordered were delivered quickly.
Kurt.Feb 3, 2016
Was easy to order and was quickly delivered.
Sally.Feb 4, 2015
Was easy to use and quick delivery
Stephen.Feb 4, 2016
Was good service
Kimberley.Feb 5, 2017
Was great helpful
Oliver.Feb 6, 2015
Was most impressed with the service and so relieved I could obtain the inhalers with out having to see my doctor in this difficult times.
Charlotte.Feb 6, 2016
Was quick and efficient
Jake.Feb 7, 2015
Was quite good I got what I ordered and was informed of a short delay and it arrived shortly after that.
Jade.Feb 7, 2016
Was sorted swiftly.
Charles.Feb 8, 2015
Was very discreet and arrived on time as promised
Holly.Feb 8, 2016
Was very pleased with the service they gave. Very efficient and kept me informed all through to delivery. Would definitely use them again and recommend them.
Simon.Feb 9, 2019
We never received our COVID19 results
Bianca.Jan 1, 2015
We ordered Covid antibody tests. Really fast delivery and turn around for results. Ordered on Sunday, evening, the package arrived Tuesday. We sent blood samples back on Tuesday evening via the pre paid envelope and had results on Thursday morning
Kieran.Jan 1, 2016
Web site was easy to navigate, delivery was prompt.
Naomi.Jan 10, 2017
Website easy to navigate, prices very competitive, packaging discreet all over good shopping experience
Paul.Jan 11, 2017
Website easy to use, prices low and superb fast delivery,
Renee.Jan 12, 2019
Website easy to use with good product infomation and competitive pricing Short delivery time
Danny.Jan 13, 2015
Website easy to use, and delivery very quick and reliable. Prices very competitive.
Chantelle.Jan 13, 2016
website easy to work with, and delivery times excellent. Lots of information to help me choose. Great service!
Shane.Jan 14, 2015
Website is very easy to use,competitive prices and prompt on time delivery.
Caitlin.Jan 14, 2016
Well done
Brendon.Jan 15, 2015
Well established website which is easy to navigate. You feel safe buying medication from them as there is a healthcare professional reviewing the consultation.
Elise.Jan 15, 2016
Well pleased
Jack.Jan 16, 2015
Well priced and swift delivery
Kelly.Jan 16, 2016
Wery goodd
Bryce.Jan 17, 2015
What a super efficient and fast service... very impressed!
Sara.Jan 17, 2016
what can I say first rate service
Sean.Jan 18, 2015
What it says u get very good
Belinda.Jan 18, 2016
What you see is what you get!
Reece.Jan 19, 2015
When I asked customer service, they took 3 days to come back to me, and hadn't really read my query. Not a great start
Georgina.Jan 19, 2016
When ordering with 33Drugs I know I will receive my prescription quickly and on time. I would certainly recommend them to friends and family.
Justin.Jan 2, 2015
When you can get to order, fantastic, arrived on time, no problem, well recommended..
Anna.Jan 2, 2016
While it took some time, it was clear that the questions were all relevant and it was rather simple to follow the process.
Tristan.Jan 20, 2015
Will be using again sooon
Amelia.Jan 20, 2016
will buy from them again. ordering was easy and delivered on time
Jamie.Jan 21, 2015
Will definitely use again.
Angela.Jan 21, 2016
Will recommend to other users friends and family
Stuart.Jan 22, 2015
Will still be a customer,,, had my moan,,THANKS TrustedTabs
Gemma.Jan 22, 2016
Will use these all the time now.
Blake.Jan 23, 2015
Will use this service again.
Louise.Jan 23, 2016
Willl continue to use this company as it has to date excelled above the previous pharmacy’s
Kane.Jan 24, 2015
With this order I was sent the wrong item and even though I sent an email pointing this out, my email was ignored.
Kathleen.Jan 24, 2016
Wonderful service
Shaun.Jan 25, 2015
Wonderful service.
Kristy.Jan 25, 2016
ED drugs Work Fine
Raymond.Jan 27, 2019
Worked fantastic
Crystal.Jan 28, 2015
Works a treat. Prompt and Efficient Service. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Jesse.Jan 28, 2016
Would be good if you have more discounts on your products mire often.
Claire.Jan 29, 2015
Would definitely buy from them again, very good service. Received order in less then a week.
Julian.Jan 29, 2016
Would definitely recommend
Georgia.Jan 3, 2015
Would definitely recommend as very efficient.
Matthew.Jan 3, 2016
Would definitely recommend this service to a friend.
Jessica.Jan 30, 2015
Would definitely recommend, great service can’t fault
Blake.Jan 30, 2016
Would definitely use them again
Claire.Jan 31, 2015
would highly recomend
Daniel.Jan 31, 2016
Would highly recommend
Sarah.Jan 4, 2015
Would highly recommend express pharmacy very efficient service from order to receiving medication.
Jack.Jan 4, 2016
Would highly recommend this company.
Jacqueline.Jan 5, 2015
Would highly recommend, excellent service.
Christopher.Jan 5, 2016
Would highly recommend.
Emma.Jan 6, 2015
would not hesitate on using the service again
Jake.Jan 6, 2016
Would not hesitate to recommend.
Ashlee.Jan 7, 2015
Would not use again. Said my test was invalid and I had a nurse take my blood. Will not pay for another.
Michael.Jan 7, 2016
Would recommend. Prompt service and sound advice on products.
Samantha.Jan 8, 2015
Would use again
Jeremy.Jan 8, 2016
Yeah Vgood service
Carly.Jan 9, 2015
yes buying them again, and have told sum friends,
Benjamin.Jan 9, 2016
Yes defineately
Rebecca.Jul 1, 2017
Yes I have bought agin and the service is fast and efficient.
Troy.Jul 10, 2017
Yes I would buy from 33Drugs again. Good service and very fast delivery. My only disappointment was that my product was £10 more than 3 months ago, however it is still the cheapest place to buy it.
Alison.Jul 11, 2017
Yes I would recommend
James.Jul 12, 2017
Yes i would recommend this efficient quick service
Melissa.Jul 13, 2017
yes I would, no problem, product ordered and received two day later, very pleased
Richard.Jul 15, 2017
yes it is very quick to get my product
Katrina.Jul 16, 2017
Yes very quick and efficient
Andrew.Jul 17, 2017
Yes would buy again
Amy.Jul 18, 2017
Yes would recommend
Jesse.Jul 19, 2017
Yes would recommend.
Alicia.Jul 2, 2017
Yes.would use you again.
Joshua.Jul 20, 2017
You are No Good How can I compare 50 Mg up to 100mMg in Prices The original way was far better before You lot have Taken over. R.J.D. Fulton.
Lauren.Jul 21, 2017
You delivered as scheduled and was impressed by the speed of our result
Todd.Jul 22, 2017
You really can’t fault the service and speed of this company.
Kathryn.Jul 23, 2017
Your service is excellent. I am very pleased with your quality. Will use again.
David.Jul 24, 2017
Your service was excellent as I got my order delivered on time and since I have been using it there's a great difference.
Amanda.Jul 25, 2017
Your website is very professional, delivery was prompt and I was happy with the product.
Adrian.Jul 26, 2017
Όλα πολύ καλά. Θα ξαναγοράσω.
Rachael.Jul 27, 2017
🍇 grape!
Luke.Jul 28, 2017
100% happy now, no tension at all
Oliver.Apr 1, 2020
1st class and very fast delivery fantastic
Oliver.Apr 1, 2021
1st class service no issues
Noah.Apr 1, 2020
1stclass service
William.Apr 10, 2019
5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Leo.Apr 10, 2020
A clear and simple ordering experience on the website with a fast and efficient service. What more could one ask?
Lucas.Apr 11, 2019
A fast and efficient service. With an easy to navigate website.
Henry.Apr 12, 2019
A good product and good value
Liam.Apr 13, 2019
A great online service and very fast delivery.
Jack.Apr 13, 2020
A great service with speedy delivery.
Thomas.Apr 14, 2019
A life changing website with regards to product availability, price & service. Very happy at this point to continue using TrustedTablets.
James.Apr 14, 2020
A little bit late the delivery ( understandable because was very close to Christmas ) from the Royal mail.
AALIYAH.Apr 15, 2020
A no fuss, easy, straightforward service. My order arrived promptly, discreetly packaged.
ABIGAIL.Apr 16, 2019
A pleasant experience quick delivery
ADAM.Apr 16, 2020
A prompt delivery of required medicinal product with a good pricing structure.
ADDISON.Apr 17, 2019
A quick and easy method of obtaining my medication. A very efficient service.
ADELINE.Apr 17, 2020
A quick and reliable service, coupled with the utmost discretion. No hesitation to use them again.
AIDEN.Apr 19, 2019
A really good product, ordered on line and delivered with no problems, so what’s not to like
ALEXANDER.Apr 2, 2020
A seamless, painless experience and a competitive price for the products purchased
ALI.Apr 20, 2019
A simple and straightforward ordering process followed by a prompt delivery. Very competitive rates enhance the overall experience..
ALICE.Apr 20, 2020
A simple to use website, very clearly laidout and quite intuitive to follow. There is a good range of items to purchase, but also a fair bit of information and appropriate cautions regarding each one. An informed process and choice; plus the security of a questionnaire and oversight by Doctors.
AMELIA.Apr 21, 2019
A simple trustworthy transaction. Will use again
ANGUS.Apr 22, 2019
A speedy delivery and a great service, much appreciated. Thank you, would recommend 33Drugs to anyone.
ANNA.Apr 22, 2020
A swift no fuss safe experience, saving an appointment and trip to our local Doctor’s I’m sure they appreciate 33Drugs taking some of the pressure off a hard working surgery.
ANNABELLE.Apr 23, 2019
A very efficient and professional service.
ANTHONY.Apr 23, 2020
A very efficient online pharmacy service. The same level of patient confidentiality, customer care and approval questions to ensure you receive the correct product for your needs, delivered to your door.
ARCHER.Apr 24, 2019
A very efficient sevice
ARCHIE.Apr 24, 2020
A very good and discreet service with very quick delivery I would recommend them to anyone
ARI.Apr 25, 2020
A very good service
ARIA.Apr 26, 2019
A very good simple to use online service
ARIANA.Apr 26, 2020
A very quick and efficient service
ARLO.Apr 27, 2019
A very quick and efficient service, email updates and texts so you can track your order to your door, and importantly, a reliable and trustworthy supplier I now use regularly.
ARTHUR.Apr 27, 2020
A very quick and efficient service, would buy again.
ASHER.Apr 28, 2020
A very quick and straight forward service.
ASHTON.Apr 29, 2019
A1 service. Quick and very informative.
AURORA.Apr 3, 2019
A1 there the next day, really hit the inhaler this time, due being furloughed,, , hit it hard.
AUSTIN.Apr 3, 2020
Absolutely excellent service very quick easy to use fully recommended 100%
AVA.Apr 30, 2019
Absolutely excellent. Intuitive and quick.
AXEL.Apr 4, 2019
Absolutely fantastic service
AYA.Apr 5, 2019
Absolutely first class service, incredibly easy to use with no issues whatsoever
AYLA.Apr 5, 2020
Absolutely first rate service
Baby.Apr 6, 2019
Absolutely first rate. Excellent. Wonderful staff welcoming and highly efficient. Rapid delivery. Superb Service I have used for years and will continue to use. That should cover it.
BEAU.Apr 6, 2020
accurate and good delivery time. user friendly site. easy to order. and good crm
BELLA.Apr 7, 2020
Accurate and thorough
BENJAMIN.Apr 8, 2019
Accurate description of product. Website easy to navigate. Delivery was on time.
BILLIE.Apr 8, 2020
Accurate, prompt and efficient.
Births.Apr 9, 2019
Administration very clear and uncomplicated.Product arrived on time and at specified location
BODHI.Apr 9, 2020
After an experienced but short appraisal of your medical requirements, you get a fast, efficient service of products, with delivery options to suit the individual.
BONNIE.Aug 1, 2019
After requesting essential medical information, users are updated regarding processing if the order by email tracking.
BOYS.Aug 10, 2019
All delivers on time
CARTER.Aug 12, 2019
All fine.
CHARLES.Aug 13, 2019
all good
CHARLIE.Aug 14, 2019
All good, fast delivery.
CHARLOTTE.Aug 15, 2019
all good service
CHELSEA.Aug 16, 2019
all good will use again
CHLOE.Aug 17, 2019
All good, fast delivery
CHRISTIAN.Aug 18, 2019
All good, very efficient
CLAIRE.Aug 19, 2019
All handled and delivered as promised....excellent
CLARA.Aug 2, 2019
All round, excellent service
CONNOR.Aug 20, 2019
All went perfect with order
COOPER.Aug 21, 2019
all went well with order and recieved when promised
DAISY.Aug 23, 2019
All you need to know
DANIEL.Aug 24, 2019
Allways simple to reorder meds and fast delivery
Deaths.Aug 25, 2019
Also no patient aftercare leaflet in the box either to reference too either, had to phone another pharmacy to ask for advice in which i could have got off of the aftercare leaflet if one was given. Item just in a plan white box with stick on label saying take 3 times a day..
DELILAH.Aug 26, 2019
Also on time delivery
DOMINIC.Aug 27, 2019
Alt skete som forventet og kvaliteten af medicinen er i orden.
DYLAN.Aug 28, 2019
Although out of stock of the product I wanted, they offered an alternative which I ordered. However I ordered less quantity and expect next time their stock to be replenished.
EDEN.Aug 29, 2019
Always a quick and professional service
EDWARD.Aug 3, 2019
Always a quick service
ELEANOR.Aug 30, 2019
Always a very good service
ELENA.Aug 31, 2019
Always as stated true and trustworthy
ELI.Aug 5, 2019
Always deliver on time fast efficient service
ELIANA.Aug 6, 2019
Always deliver the goods
ELIAS.Aug 7, 2019
Always delivers quickly have been using them over 4 years now.
ELIJAH.Aug 8, 2019
Always discrete, always on time, no fuss service who could ask for anything else ?
ELIZA.Aug 9, 2019
Always do a brilliant job
ELIZABETH.Dec 1, 2019
Always easy & quick!
ELLA.Dec 10, 2019
Always effecient
ELLIE.Dec 11, 2019
Always efficient and informative with a quick discreet delivery
ELOISE.Dec 12, 2019
Always extremely efficient. Quick response and service.
ELSIE.Dec 13, 2019
always fast service and delivery.
EMILIA.Dec 14, 2018
Always get an excellent experience from ordering to delivering.
EMILY.Dec 14, 2019
always great and fast
EMMA.Dec 15, 2019
Always great service, fast delivery, 10 out of 10.
ETHAN.Dec 16, 2018
Always happy
EVA.Dec 16, 2019
Always has what is required and delivers on time.
EVELYN.Dec 17, 2019
Always interesting when you order from a new supplier but could not be happier with the whole shopping experience. Ordering was easy and the dispatch and delivery was as speedy and prompt as promised
EVIE.Dec 18, 2018
Always packaged perfectly and arrived quickly. Fabulous service. This is the best tasting sweetener I've had. I never use anything else now.
FELIX.Dec 18, 2019
Always perfect service
FINN.Dec 19, 2018
Always proffesional and offer an excellent service
FLORENCE.Dec 2, 2019
Always super quick delivery, repeat prescriptions are hassle free.
FLYNN.Dec 20, 2018
Always there to help me out
FRANKIE.Dec 20, 2019
Always use 33Drugs as they are quick and discreet and always have what I need in stock.
FREYA.Dec 21, 2018
Am very pleased and will continue to use for the next few months.
GABRIEL.Dec 21, 2019
Amazing how you can order on line and receive the tablets quicker than ordering through doctors. Will definitely use again and recommend
GABRIELLA.Dec 22, 2018
Amazing online pharmacy
GEORGE.Dec 22, 2019
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An amazing service, very easy and quick, medication arrived next day. i tried for days to order from boots but got fed up as the site wasn’t working, found 33Drugs which was actually cheaper and definitely more reliable
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An excellent reliable service that is good value.
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An excellent service quick print and reliable
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An excellent service, thank you.
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Fast and easy to use
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easy to use and fast.
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easy to use, fast and helpful
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Arrived next day as promised and was exactly as ordered
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Arrived on time and well packages.
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Arrived on time as promised
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Arrived on time as promised. Test was easier to self administer than I had thought and results also came very quickly
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Arrived promptly after ordering... ...First class service
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as always very efficient, reliable,safe & effective
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As always, I was treated with great consideration, courtesy and efficiency. Shopping at 33Drugs is always a very pleasant experience. The staff are helpful, knowledgeable, polite and friendly. Always FIVE stars.
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As always, prompt delivery and exactly as ordered
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As described
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As expected
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As long as you use as pxd you shouldn’t have any problems
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At first 33Drugs was very cheap and affordable. Now I can buy the same product far cheaper at my local chemist.
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Brilliant as always have used several times before. Simple straight forward good medical advice sent with prescription.
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Brilliant service, ordered test kit,received following morning before 10.00am). Sent back same day, received results within 24hrs, perfect for travelling to my job.
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Brilliant service.. quick delivery.. all round a good service.. highly recommend
Names.Jan 10, 2019
Brilliant thank you
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Brilliant website, easy to use & next day service before lunchtime if need urgent order. Thank you :)
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Brilliant. Fast with no fuss.
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Can always be relied on to deliver medicines on time and provide a professional service
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Can not fault TrustedTablets, brilliant service, very good value for money, professional, knowledgeable never had a single problem, I highly recommend MedEx
OSCAR.Jan 15, 2019
Can’t fault it one bit, excellent.
OWEN.Jan 15, 2020
Can’t think of anything to complain of about my order........except that it didn’t arrive at the speed of light, nor even the speed of sound, but came in a close third.
PATRICK.Jan 16, 2019
Cannot fault them in any way
Clive Derbyshire.Jan 16, 2020
Can't fault them. I order my medication and it arrives next day.
PHOEBE.Jan 17, 2019
Can't fault this company, excellent service and products, very quick response and delivery.
PIPER.Jan 17, 2020
Cheaper than competitors, very quick delivery. Great value. Easy online ordering
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Cheaper then other sites and process is efficient and no haste
Popular.Jan 18, 2020
Clear and easy process, with quick delivery.
Prepared.Jan 19, 2019
Clear and easy web site
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Clear and helpful website, progressing to efficient payment submission. Item arrived wellpacked and in quick time. Items on the site appear well and accurately described. First class online pharmacy. Thanks.
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Competitive pricing, accurate description and fast delivery what more could you want?
RYA.Jan 20, 2020
Completed a simple online medical questionnaire to make the purchase and then delivery was very prompt.
RYDER.Jan 21, 2019
confidentail and fair price
SADIE.Jan 21, 2020
Confused by the site layout/payment despite numerous orders in the past, rather than 20 mg tabs I received 10 mg. Not amused more so as price identical.
SAMUEL.Jan 22, 2019
Consistently an Excellent service everytime
SARAH.Jan 22, 2020
Convenient and quick delivery!
Darren Teverson.Jan 23, 2019
Correct item delivered in good time
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Couldn’t fault them really. Fast and efficient with required product arriving early. Would recommend for certain!
SEBASTIAN.Jan 24, 2019
Couldn't fault service and delivery
SIENNA.Jan 24, 2020
Couldn't have been easier to order and prompt delivery
SOFIA.Jan 25, 2019
Covid Test was despatched promptly, sent back on 23rd Dec 18.30 post, results received 24 hours later on Xmas eve. Very good service.
SONNY.Jan 25, 2020
Cracking service.
SOPHIA.Jan 27, 2020
Customer service also on the ball.
SOPHIE.Jan 28, 2019
Customer service was very poor
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Def recommend.. so easy to access and order and received super quick!! Thank You TrustedTablets!
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Delivered efficiently and on time, in wrapping that gave no clue as to what was inside. Nice privacy.
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Delivered on time and as described
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Delivered on time and cost was competitive
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Delivered on time as promised.
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Delivered on time no fuss. Yes would reccomend.
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Delivered on time. Tablets not fake. Good service. Very happy
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delivered quickly
ZOEY.Jan 7, 2020
Delivered the next day. Will use again for sure.
Jennifer.Jan 8, 2019
Delivered when they said and easy to use web site.
Martin.Jan 8, 2020
Delivered within 24h, although Iwas home all day and Royal Mail didn t ring the bell. So I had to go to pick up the parcel at the post office. Looking forward to get the results.
Amanda.Jan 9, 2019
Delivers promised product in promised time.
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Delivery 100%, efficacy of the product 100%. Satisfaction 100%
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Delivery as expected in good time
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Delivery as promised is quick. And its cheaper as compared to all other Pharmacy
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Delivery came quickly and on time
Mark.Jul 12, 2019
Delivery in time, quick and no problem.
Julie.Jul 13, 2019
delivery is always quick and no hassle
Russell.Jul 15, 2019
Delivery not arrived, contacted on numerous occasions whilst polite on telephone did not return my call as promised. Yes it’s Royal Mail delivery responsibility but their follow up in the current climate unsatisfactory.
Gail.Jul 16, 2019
Delivery on time and secure service. My items were reasonably priced when comparing the market.
Michael.Jul 17, 2019
Delivery to North Scotland within 24 hours amazing..
Deborah.Jul 18, 2019
Delivery very fast
Leslie.Jul 19, 2019
Delivery was a day late. Asked for refund but no reply. I know delivery is busy but when a service is paid for then I expect it on time as what I have paid for has not been met. I believe that is breach of contract. So far no results so no nearer to stopping worrying.
Michele.Jul 2, 2019
Delivery was efficient and inexpensive considering there are a number of options, and is also discrete.
John.Jul 20, 2019
Delivery was fast and discreet.
Karen.Jul 21, 2019
Delivery was fast and packaging discreet.
Malcolm.Jul 22, 2019
Delivery was very fast, absolute no complainants.
Derek gould.Jul 23, 2019
Delivery was very quick and the process easy
Stephen.Jul 24, 2019
Despatch options to ensure products are delivered in time for your needs always arrived when they erre planned so far.
Stuart.Jul 26, 2019
Device v.good. I would recommend you. I am ordering another 3 months supply
Janet.Jul 27, 2019
Did everything well
Gregory.Jul 28, 2019
Did exactly what they said
Debra.Jul 29, 2019
Did the job
Joseph.Jul 3, 2019
Did what I request no fuss
Lorraine.Jul 30, 2019
Did what they said first rate
Robert.Jul 31, 2019
Discreet and efficient service throughout
Christine.Jul 5, 2019
Discreet and on time
Scott.Jul 6, 2019
Discreet, legitimate service
Douglas HarperJul 7, 2019
Discreet, quick and amazingly simple and easy.
Paul.Jul 8, 2019
Discreet,, quick service
Sharon.Jul 9, 2019
discret and efficient
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Discrete and professional. Simple to use with excellent products.
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Discrete and quick service
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Discrete fast delivery great service
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Discrete packed.
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Discrete private and quick service.
Docherty.Jun 14, 2019
Do what they say, good prices.
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Does exactly what is says on the tin. On time and reliable.
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Does what it says on the packet.
Roslyn.Jun 19, 2019
Does what it says on the tin.
Ian.Jun 2, 2019
Don’t arrive quick
Vicki.Jun 20, 2019
Done what you said you would
Tony.Jun 21, 2019
Ease of ordering compared to other online pharmaceutical companies, I only needed a blue inhaler as I was running low but trying to get a Dr appointment is just so hard at the moment, I answered a few questions and paid, yes it was a bit more expensive than paying a prescription but was worth not having hassle, it arrived within 3 days! Very pleased and will definitely be ordering from here again 😊
Christopher.Jun 23, 2019
ease of the service from start to finish
Robyn.Jun 24, 2019
Ease of use
Patrick.Jun 25, 2019
Easiest and convenient way to order medication.
Janice.Jun 26, 2019
Easily presented helpful information and fast delivery.
Steven.Jun 27, 2019
Easy & Excellent Service
Wendy.Jun 28, 2019
Easy & quick service.
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Easy, simple to make a choice on what needed, delivered on time.
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Easy and always on time
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Easy and discreet.
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Easy and efficient service at the best prices, what’s not to like!
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Easy and fast delivery.
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Easy and Quick.
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Easy and seamless services for prescription items. Thoroughly recommend.
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Easy and simple to order a prescription.
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Easy and simple.delivery on time.
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Easy booking process, good value and prompt delivery
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Easy efficient service
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Easy fast service well packaged and good price very impressed
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Easy online ordering....rectified MY mistake in the online consultation process....
Daniel.Mar 13, 2020
Easy online page.
Colleen.Mar 14, 2019
Easy order process and quick delivery, service cannot be faulted.
Garry.Mar 15, 2019
Easy order processing to Germany. Everything came in time.
Lynette.Mar 15, 2020
Easy order system and fast service.
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Easy ordering, fast delivery pretty much as good as it gets.
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Easy ordering and fast deliveries
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Easy ordering and fast delivery
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Easy ordering and prompt delivery. Would definitely use again.
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Easy ordering and quick delivery would recommend.
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Easy ordering process making initial order and subsequent orders very quick and efficient.
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Easy ordering, product delivered as promised and on time. And it works for me.
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Easy ordering, quick and efficientsuppy
Dennis.Mar 2, 2020
Easy process and quick delivery
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Easy process fast delivery
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easy process, speedy delivery
Kerry.Mar 21, 2019
Easy process. Much easier than trying to get an appointment with the GP just for repeat prescription.
Charles.Mar 22, 2019
Easy purchase and quick delivery
Anna.Mar 22, 2020
Easy purchase. Quick Delivery.
Phillip.Mar 23, 2019
Easy questionnaire rapid delivery highly recommended.Will use again.
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Easy quick service
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Easy shopping experience and fast delivery.
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Easy site to follow
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Easy to access, fast delivery.
Linda.Mar 25, 2020
Easy to communicate and responded very fast to my online request
Frank.Mar 26, 2019
Easy to complete questionnaire and speedy delivery
Glenda.Mar 26, 2020
Easy to deal with
Colin.Mar 27, 2019
Easy to find product required, and then order. Item arrived quickly.
Judith.Mar 27, 2020
Easy to find what you are looking for, easy just ad to the basket and your done,first class service,
Roger.Mar 28, 2019
Easy to follow website, personal medical questions easily to understand and follow to enable medication availability
Shirley.Mar 29, 2019
Easy to navigate on line also friendly and professional by phone
Graham.Mar 3, 2019
Easy to navigate site, good value, quick and reliable delivery.
Mary.Mar 3, 2020
Easy to navigate the website
Dale.Mar 30, 2020
Easy to navigate website. Reasonably priced products and fast delivery. Excellent service overall. Would definitely recommend to a friend.
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Easy to navigate website. Very good service
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Easy to order, prompt delivery and no hassle purchase
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Easy to order and arrived on time. Would definitely use again
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Easy to order and delivered on time, no problems what so ever.
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easy to order and delivered on time.
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Easy to order and fast delevery
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Easy to order and fast delivery.
Nicholas.Mar 7, 2019
Easy to order and fast delivery. Good selection and service I've used it several times
Janette.Mar 8, 2019
Easy to order and fast prompt delivery
Glenn.Mar 8, 2020
Easy to order and fast service. I'm so happy with the whole process.
Maria.Mar 9, 2020
Easy to order and no fuss service, you kept in touch about my orders progress, thanks
Simon.May 1, 2019
Easy to order and prompt.
Ruth.May 1, 2020
Easy to order and quick delivery
Andrew.May 10, 2019
Easy to order and quick delivery, would recommend
Kerrie.May 13, 2019
Easy to order and quick to deliver
Murray.May 14, 2019
Easy to order and speedy delivery. Always use them.
Therese.May 15, 2019
Easy to order and very discreet plus can be delivered to your local PO
Raymond.May 16, 2019
Easy to order and very helpful support
Debbie.May 17, 2019
Easy to order and very quick, discreet delivery.
Eric.May 19, 2019
Easy to order quick delivery and excellent item
Pauline.May 2, 2019
Easy to order treatment and fast delivery, very pleased with the service.
Brett.May 2, 2020
Easy to order with very prompt delivery.
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Easy to order yet left you feeling safe. Prompt delivery so a Wilbur win
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Easy to order, fast and efficient delivery.
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Easy to order, good price, prompt delivery have used twice and will use again
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Easy to order, prompt delivery, what’s not to like.
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Easy to order, prompt delivery. I would certainly use them again.
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Easy to order, quick at processing and Speedy delivery.
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Easy to order, swift checkout and quick delivery will.use amd recommend
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Easy to order, very fast delivery options a good choice of treatments available very good service.
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Easy to order, very quick delivery.
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Easy to order. Prompt delivery. Great prices.
Dianne.May 6, 2019
Easy to register and answer questions Delivery good
Bernard.May 7, 2019
Easy to reorder and quick delivery.
Katherine.May 8, 2019
Easy to understand and use the online system
Alan.May 9, 2019
Easy to understand medical questionnaire rapid delivery all you really need of a medical service.
Jane.Nov 1, 2019
easy to use and a fast service
Norman.Nov 10, 2019
Easy to use and competitive prices! Plus fast dispatch. Smallest prices! Always will buy from here in future
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Easy to use and good service
Bradley.Nov 12, 2019
Easy to use and incredibly fast service with good access and an easy to use service.
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Easy to use and prompt delivery
Alexander.Nov 14, 2019
Easy to use and prompt service.
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Easy to use and quick service.
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Easy to use and reliable delivery
Diane.Nov 17, 2019
Easy to use and to find the product you want
Grahame.Nov 18, 2019
Easy to use and very efficient. I can highly recommend this service and wish I'd know about it years ago!
Tanya.Nov 19, 2019
Easy to use and very quick delivery
Neil.Nov 2, 2019
Easy to use and very quick delivery!
Kathleen.Nov 20, 2019
Easy to use and would definitely recommend this service.
Daryl.Nov 21, 2019
Easy to use online & fast delivery
Marie.Nov 22, 2019
Easy to use service. Excellent communication. Fast delivery
Ross.Nov 24, 2019
Easy to use site. Order arrived quickly
Leanne.Nov 25, 2019
Easy to use web site makes it simple to find what you are looking for.
Gerard.Nov 26, 2019
easy to use web site, product worked perfectly, very happy with service and product.
Toni.Nov 27, 2019
Easy to use web site. Delivery is on time and very quick
Barry.Nov 28, 2019
Easy to use website & fast delivery.
Kathryn.Nov 29, 2019
Easy to use website. Quickly processed my order and dispatched the same day. Would recommend
Jeffery.Nov 4, 2019
Easy to use website and convenient delivery options,better value the more you buy.
Lynda.Nov 5, 2019
Easy to use website and efficient service, with clear communication
Timothy.Nov 6, 2019
Easy to use website and good value products. Worked well and arrived in around 3 days. Would recommend for a reliable, no hassle retailer.
Narelle.Nov 7, 2019
Easy to use website and information was clear and Deleon time
Ricky.Nov 8, 2019
Easy to use website and was dispatched very promptly as always. An excellent service with great products at a fair price.
Megan.Oct 1, 2019
Easy to use website fast delivery and hassle free
Graeme.Oct 10, 2019
Easy to use website, on time delivery.
Carol.Oct 11, 2019
easy to use website, prompt delivery
Lee.Oct 12, 2019
Easy to use website, quick delivery time, plain packaging. Have bought twice now with one problems.
Kay.Oct 14, 2019
Easy to use website, super quick delivery
Trevor.Oct 15, 2019
Easy to use website, very fast response and delivered as promised. Highly recommended and will use again.
Ann.Oct 16, 2019
Easy to use website. Fast processing and delivery. Prices are the best value for money available.
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Easy to use, fast confidential delivery and very competitive on price
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Easy to use, fast delivery and work perfect!
Warren.Oct 19, 2019
Easy to use, fast delivery, great product! Highly recommend.
Denise.Oct 2, 2019
Easy to use, fast delivery, recommended
Perry.Oct 20, 2019
Easy to use, good stock, quick dispense.
Lee.Oct 21, 2019
Easy to use, straight forward and quick
Allan.Oct 22, 2019
Easy to use, they send your pills in small box that can fit in doors so you don't have to wait postman. Custumer service is good.
Tracey.Oct 23, 2019
Easy to use, very reliable and fast delivery. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
Frederick.Oct 24, 2019
easy website to navigate excellent time frame from order to delivery easy reordering system
Victoria.Oct 25, 2019
Easy website to navigate and prompt delivery
Shane.Oct 27, 2019
Easy website to use and prompt service.
Barbara.Oct 28, 2019
Easy website, delivery on time
Warwick.Oct 29, 2019
Easy, efficient and cost effective service.By far the most straightforward way to purchase meds. Will certainly continue to use
Virginia.Oct 3, 2019
Easy, efficient and fast delivery.
George.Oct 30, 2019
Easy, fast, discreet. Really pleased with the service.
Edgaras MickeviciusOct 31, 2019
Easy, fast, efficient and accurate. Perfect!
Maxwell.Oct 4, 2019
Easy, quick and fast delivery
Janine.Oct 5, 2019
Easy, quick efficient, good price, very happy, sked for 1st class, arrived within 3 days
Terry.Oct 6, 2019
Carolyn.Oct 7, 2019
Efficent, fast delivery
Bernadette.Oct 9, 2019
Glen.Sep 1, 2019
Efficient & Speedy service,
Leonie.Sep 10, 2019
Efficient, fast and reliable
Guy.Sep 11, 2019
Efficient and discreet, prompt delivery
Jill.Sep 12, 2019
Efficient and fast
Peter.Sep 13, 2019
Efficient and good value.. alway reliable and helpful staff
Jennifer.Sep 14, 2019
Efficient and private
Donald.Sep 15, 2019
Efficient and quick delivery, 33Drugs gives you the confidence that you are receiving genuine pharmacy products
Maree.Sep 16, 2019
Efficient and quick service. Quality product at a reasonable price
John.Sep 17, 2019
Efficient and reliable service quick to place order, competitive price and good communication
Susan.Sep 18, 2019
Efficient and speedy would use again
Thomas.Sep 19, 2019
Efficient and value
Tracey.Sep 2, 2019
Efficient and very easy to order.
David.Sep 20, 2019
Efficient easy ordering and next day delivery.
Deborah.Sep 21, 2019
Efficient fast service.No hassle, no stress!
Bradley.Sep 22, 2019
Efficient great service
Rosemary.Sep 23, 2019
Efficient quick service
Michael.Sep 24, 2019
Efficient service
Julie.Sep 25, 2019
Efficient service and delivery.
Grant.Sep 26, 2019
Efficient service as delivery
Etienne NelSep 27, 2019
Efficient service results for covid test returned just over 24 hrs. Would highly recommend
Stephen.Sep 28, 2019
Efficient service, fast delivery
Karen.Sep 29, 2019
Efficient, cost effective service.
Shane.Sep 3, 2019
Efficient, discreet and effective
Janet.Sep 30, 2019
Efficient, easy web site. Speedy delivery
Mark.Sep 4, 2019
Debra.Sep 5, 2019
Efficient. Trustworthy. Quick responses. What else do you want
Terry.Sep 6, 2019
Every thing is great
Kim.Sep 9, 2019
every thing they said happened, professional, and yes will use them again
Glen.Apr 1, 2021
Every thing was as it states as they say on the package
Heather.Apr 1, 2019
Robert.Apr 10, 2021
everything arrived on time and was as described
Christine.Apr 10, 2019
Everything as expected.
Keith.Apr 11, 2020
Everything done as the website says.
Carolyn.Apr 12, 2020
Everything from start to finish
Paul.Apr 13, 2021
Everything has gone perfect, delivery on time, excellent online service
Margaret.Apr 13, 2019
Everything I ordered was good the service was good never had any problems with this company would recommend to use them
Patrick.Apr 14, 2021
Everything is so easy to do
Colleen.Apr 14, 2019
Everything is so easy to order and re order
Wayne.Apr 15, 2021
Everything perfect
Wendy.Apr 16, 2021
Everything really went well from start to finnish.
Douglas.Apr 16, 2019
Everything super!
Fiona.Apr 17, 2021
Everything was good. The product and the delivery where as expected.
Anthony.Apr 17, 2019
Everything was perfect except I did not receive an email confirming my order
Kerry.Apr 19, 2020
Everything was really easy, apart from delivery. Paid for next day by 1pm, Failed, did not delivery fo two days. Customer service was very good refunded postage straight away
Joseph.Apr 2, 2021
everything went like clockwork, thanks
Janice.Apr 20, 2021
Everything went smoothly. Delivered on time as promised.
Ian.Apr 20, 2019
Everything worked seamlessly, with no problems.
Vicki.Apr 21, 2020
Everything works like you visit a clinic without any problems! Thanks!
Scott.Apr 22, 2021
Exactly as described well packed and arrived at the stated time excellent.
Janelle.Apr 22, 2019
Exactly as required
Christopher.Apr 23, 2021
Exactly what I ordered and in great time!
Sharon.Apr 23, 2019
Excelent service, very quick from the part of TrustedTablets.
Tony.Apr 24, 2021
Excellen quick service! Top
Lesley.Apr 24, 2019
Gary.Apr 25, 2021
Excellent & easy service throughout
Robyn.Apr 26, 2021
Excellent, quick service
Edward.Apr 26, 2019
Excellent 1st class service
Leanne.Apr 27, 2021
Excellent all round
Geoffrey.Apr 27, 2019
Excellent and discreet 👍
Cheryl.Apr 28, 2021
Excellent and extremely fast service. I was honestly very surprised at my first use not having used this type of service before
Dennis.Apr 29, 2021
Excellent and fast
Sally.Apr 29, 2019
Excellent and fast delivery very helpful
Steven.Apr 3, 2021
Excellent and fast service
Lynette.Apr 3, 2019
Excellent and good
Gordon.Apr 30, 2020
excellent and professional
Bronwyn.Apr 4, 2020
excellent and prompt
Kevin.Apr 5, 2021
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Fast Service on every order and lots of updates so you know exactly where your order is and when it will be ready for delivery or collection.
Scott.Sep 3, 2020
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Emily.Sep 30, 2020
Fast service use all the time
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Fast service very good!
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Fast service, easy to order.
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Fast service, even living in Germany. Highly recommended
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Fast service. Competitive prices.
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Fast service. Recommended
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Fast service....good value!
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Fast shipping and top notch service
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Fast simple service, always on time and a great price.
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Fast two day delivery from placing order.Clear easy instructions on web site. I would definitely recommend your service.
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Fast, accurate and exactly what I ordered
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Fast, cheap and good!!!!
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Fast, discreet and reliable.
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Fast, discreet service.
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Fast, discrete delivery.
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Fast, easy, the medicine worked.
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Fast, effective communicationsecured delivery.
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Fast, efficient and discreet online service.
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Fast, efficient and easy.
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Fast, efficient and great communication
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Fast, efficient and totally reliable!
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Fast, efficient and trustworthy
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Fast, efficient service.
Liam.Apr 20, 2017
fast, efficient service. got exactly what i ordered. thank you 33Drugs pharmacy.
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Fast, efficient, and affordable. I will definitely use the service again, and recommend to others.
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Fast, efficient, product was perfect. Easy to use web site. Pricing best on the net
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Fast, flexible, reliable and sensible.
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Erin.Apr 24, 2017
Fast, reliable, reasonable and discreet service provided.
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Fast, safe and secure service,
Sara.Apr 26, 2019
fastest delivery possible for urgent Anti Malarial meds in time for a flight, great service 👍
Mark.Apr 26, 2017
Fats and effective and always delivers
Megan.Apr 27, 2019
Faultless service well done.
Beau.Apr 27, 2017
Finding these very good and easy to order. Good quality, Price to is very good for the product
Lucy.Apr 28, 2019
Fine nice and quick and simple
Anthony.Apr 29, 2019
First class
Katherine.Apr 29, 2017
First class, from ordering to paying for items then receiving them some 5 days, full marks for a good job done well!.
Ian.Apr 3, 2019
First class and fast efficient service.
Caitlin.Apr 3, 2017
First class at every thing
Joel.Apr 30, 2021
First class in every way total discretion and privacy
Cassandra.Apr 4, 2021
First class next day in the post service
Brent.Apr 5, 2019
First class Service
Chantelle.Apr 5, 2017
First Class service all round
Paul.Apr 6, 2019
First class service and fast delivery and the price is great as well and 100% product satisfaction
Chloe.Apr 6, 2017
First class service and great product
Kevin.Apr 7, 2019
first class service and prices
Alyce.Apr 8, 2019
First class service and quick delivery
Steven.Apr 8, 2017
first class service once again super quick delivery very pleased.
Hannah.Apr 9, 2019
First class service with reminders to reorder, just wish they didn't change brands.
Darren.Apr 9, 2017
First class service, as always many thanks.
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First class service. Promptly delivered in secure packaging. Will use again
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First class service. Very good prices
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First class service.Fast delivery
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First class, efficient service would recommend, quality product at competitive price
Amelia.Aug 13, 2021
First class,arrived the day after ordering.Highly recommended.
Bradley.Aug 14, 2021
First class. Service
Kristy.Aug 15, 2021
First experience with TrustedTablets, unfortunately for myself not at all the best experience what so ever, having paid the extra for a 24 hrs service on a Friday 11th Dec 2020 for the item to arrive on the Saturday 12th Dec 2020 has promised buy them.. The actual item did not arrive till late Monday afternoon on 14th Dec 2020. when in which it should have arrived on the Saturday has stated above.
Edward.Aug 16, 2021
First rate sevice
Alice.Aug 17, 2021
First rate, discrete and quick with a great price.
Brendan.Aug 18, 2021
First time using 33Drugs was a pleasant & flawless experience,great value for money & swift delivery.
Brooke.Aug 19, 2021
Firstclass speed and courtesy
Martin.Aug 2, 2021
Five star service, easy consultation. Fast dispatch, best price = permanent customer
Holly.Aug 20, 2021
Found this place on line a while ago and everything about them was easy fine along with being professional. Good speedy delivery with the item going through the letter box so no need to worry about being home. Would definitely recommend them.
Jade.Aug 23, 2021
Friendly and fast service
Damien.Aug 24, 2021
Friendly service,easy consultation process,easy to order,discreet,good selection of delivery,payment security,I would recommend.
Jodie.Aug 25, 2021
From order to delivery the process was easy and very quick I'd recommend 100 %
Shane.Aug 26, 2021
From ordering through to a speedy delivery couldn't be faulted.
Kimberley.Aug 27, 2021
From ordering to delivery the service was discreet,efficient and professional. Just right
Stuart.Aug 28, 2021
From start of consultation to very fast delivery
Ellen Vonzodaite.Aug 29, 2021
From the beginning to the end the experience that I had was terrible. The site provides inaccurate and misleading information.
Cameron.Aug 3, 2021
Functions perfectlly
Hayley.Aug 30, 2021
Genuine products. Fast delivery. Highly recommended
Dane.Aug 31, 2021
Goid price Quick and easy
Simon.Aug 6, 2021
Good Drugstore
Tara.Aug 7, 2021
Good "common sense" service and prompt delivery.
Kurt.Aug 8, 2021
Good advice on site and prompt delivery
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Good and efficient
Patrick.Dec 1, 2021
Good and fast service
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Good and fast service!
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Good and good
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Good and quick service
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Good customer service. Speedy delivery. I’d recommend
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Good Delivered on time as promised
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Good easy to use web experience, very prompt and reliable service
Dean.Dec 16, 2019
Good enough efficiency they make sure your parcel gets to you on time so i recommend them for that effort.
Vanessa.Dec 16, 2019
Good evening, the chopping was very good, I riturn the kit coving 19, but I not got answer yet.
Jordan.Dec 17, 2021
Good experience
Victoria.Dec 18, 2019
Good fast and professional service
Joseph.Dec 18, 2019
Good fast delivery
Sophie.Dec 19, 2020
Good fast high quality
Danny.Dec 2, 2021
Good fast service
Kathleen.Dec 20, 2019
Good fast service when you cant get to the pharmacy
Justin.Dec 20, 2019
Good news was i registered my complaint with the medical centre and they refunded me the cost i had to pay for getting my Inhalers.
Courtney.Dec 21, 2019
Good online service fast delivery
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Good people professional skill top services
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Good price and delivered fast.
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Good product too!
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Good service and fast delivery saves time with prescription and chemists
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Good service and quick delivery. Normally dispatch same day!
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Good service and quick delivery. Would recommend.
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Good service and very prompt.
Monique.Feb 1, 2019
Good service as promised, no fuss just order and pay, that's it. As for the product,it is early to assess it just now. I would let this company look after your adult health needs without question.
Shaun.Feb 1, 2017
Good service easy to use.
Jenna.Feb 10, 2019
good service I can get my medication on time.
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Good service two days delivery after placing order
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good service, fast delivery
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Good service, nice website to use, Have used before always quick delivery.
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Good with no hassle
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Good, efficient professional service
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Good, fast, efficient service. Will use again.
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good, received my order within a couple of days
Michael.Feb 19, 2017
Good,quick discreet service.
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Good/thorough questionnaire before ordering. Very quick delivery, discreet packaging.
Troy.Feb 20, 2019
Goods arrived promptly
Ashlee Henry.Feb 20, 2017
Goods delivered on time
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Amanda.Feb 21, 2017
Trent.Feb 22, 2019
Got exactly what I wanted posted on time and arrived when Expected
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Got some inhlaers. Fast service
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Got tablets next day
Melissa.Feb 25, 2019
Got tablets next day as advertised no problems
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Got the meds that I needed and health problem sorted the next day from TrustedTablets. Would use again.
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Great generic pills.
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Great advice and rapid and reliable dispatch of item. I have used 33Drugs for a few years now without any problems. A very reliable company and highly recommended.
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Great and reliable quick service 10/10
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Great attention to care fast delivery will be using this service again
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Great company and great prices and next day delivery is perfect
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Great customer service. Cheaper than other online pharmacy. Will definitely order more.
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Great experience ordering from TrustedTablets. This was my first order and very pleased with my order.
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Great fast service
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Great fast service!
Timothy.Jan 10, 2021
Great guidance
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Great overall service and very fast delivery! Can’t fault them, from ordering to home delivery.
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Bianca.Jan 13, 2019
Great price and fast speedy delivery
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Great price and quick delivery.
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Great prices, fast delivery what more could you want
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Great product
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Great product delivered quick with added security of paying with pay pal, well done
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Great product great customer service quick delivery. Thank you TrustedTablets.
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Great product, delivery is always fast! The only place I buy these from as the price is much lower then other places.
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Great product, great service. Would definitely recommend.
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Great product. On time delivery
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Great response and received order very quickly when i ordered
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Great result! Good experience, discreet and very speedy! Thanks!
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Great service
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Great service & great price
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Great service, good price & quick delivery, also got an email to remind me to order my product again.
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great service, quick delivery and reasonable pricing.
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Great service 100% reliable would recommend highly thank you for all the great service also my confidence is back and mentally I feel so much better
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Great service and a quick prompt delivery. I will definitely use TrustedTablets.
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Great Service and fast delivery thank you
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Great service and fast delivery. So easy and hassle free.
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Great service and fast results. Thank you
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Great service and order came fast better then any other pharmacy
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Great service as always, 8 never have issue when ordering from this website.
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Great service easy to follow ordering. Fast delivery. Recommend to anybody.
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Great service every time nothing to complain about thank you
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Great service fast and punctual. Nothing bad to say about TrustedTablets
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Great service fast delivery
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Great service from order to door. Prompt and discreet. Would recommend highly.
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great service helpful and easy to use and navigate.
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Great service quick delivery pleased overall
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Great service Thank You TrustedTablets
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Great service with quick delivery and much cheaper product.
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great service with very clear information on the product excellent price and a first class delivery service
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Great service 🥰
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Great service!
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Great service! Don’t need to say much more than that!
Victoria.Jul 6, 2021
Great service! Products arrived as stated! Cannot fault anything with this company!
William.Jul 7, 2021
Great service!!
Natasha.Jul 8, 2021
Great service, 2 tests turned round in 24 hrs.
Jay.Jul 9, 2021
Great service, arrived super quick and gave me peace of mind!
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Great service, delivered on time. Hassle free service.
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Great service, delivery and product.
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Great service, easy to use and superb choice of delivery options to select from.
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Great service, fantastic products for a very good price. Delivery within two days from ordering. Will recommend to all of my friends and family. Thank you very much.
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Great service, fast delivery.
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Great Service, fast delivery...results came back in only 24 hours.
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Great service, good prices.
Martin.Jun 17, 2021
Great service, highly recommended.
Tiffany.Jun 18, 2021
Great service, more efficient than waiting to see a doctor to get a prescription that I’ve had before. Website is easy to use and delivery is reliable
Cameron.Jun 19, 2021
great service, my medication was simple to order, just a few online questions to answer. then delivered to my door within a few days.
Kristy.Jun 2, 2021
Great service, next day delivery would highly recommend
Jonathon.Jun 20, 2021
Great service, no hassle and quick delivery.
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Great service, prompt delivery
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Great service, quick and easy.
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Great service, quick and reliable.
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Great service, quick delivery
Caitlin.Jun 25, 2021
Great service, quick delivery, already been shopping again
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Great service, swift, discrete packaging. Product worked as advised. Excellent overall.
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Great service, Very fast delivery. Highly recommended
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Great service, very reliable
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Great service, what a great example of ordering medicines made simple!
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Great service, will definitely use again
Jordan.Jun 5, 2021
Great service, you do what you Say, very pleased all round. Keep it UP
Chantelle.Jun 6, 2021
Great service,. Received quickly
Shane.Jun 7, 2021
Great service,easy to find what you want,help at hand if needed,
Melanie.Jun 8, 2021
Great service,easy to order and promt delivery.Excelent product and value for money.
Kurt.Mar 1, 2019
Great service.
Joanne.Mar 1, 2017
Great service. Couldn’t get a GP appointment for love or money due to the current Covid climate. Yet I knew what the problem was and what I needed. They also couldn’t give me a repeat prescription as the new GP I was with had never prescribed it to me. So I was stuck.
Patrick.Mar 10, 2019
Great service. Product was as expected. Will use this company again. Thank you
Angela.Mar 10, 2017
Great service. Speedy delivery, good consultation. Very happy with the service and will use 33Drugs again in the future. Thank You TrustedTablets!
Tristan.Mar 11, 2019
Great service. thanks
Tanya.Mar 11, 2017
Great service. Very professional and very easy to use there online service. I would highly recommend this company
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Great service. Would recommend to anyone.
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Great services.
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Great sevice, very reliable with no fuss
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Great shopping and a very efficient and fast delivery.
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Great speedy delivery and good alternatives to costly branded products.
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Great speedy service would recommend 100%
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Great speedy service, would shop again
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Great speedy service.
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Great spot on you delivered on your promise.
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Great survive
Julie.Mar 18, 2017
Great Thank You TrustedTablets
Jonathan.Mar 19, 2019
Great to deal with, simple site to follow and super quick delivery
Jade.Mar 19, 2017
Great turn around delivery time with no hassle
Dominic.Mar 2, 2019
Great value for money, easy purchasing process and quick delivery. I would absolutely recommend 33Drugs online as the best place to purchase online meds.
Kayla.Mar 2, 2017
Great value.
Brett.Mar 20, 2019
Great web site easy to use. Delivery is fast and on time. Overall excellent.
Tara.Mar 20, 2017
Great website and express delivery service. Huge variety of good quality medication.
Christian.Mar 21, 2021
Great website and fast delivery service and the end results my partner can't stop thanking you enough!
Fiona.Mar 22, 2019
Great website with fantastic customer loyalty reduction codes emailed to me very regularly, meaning I am rarely required to pay full price for anything. Prices are already very reasonable and competitive without this! High quality products too there has certainly never been a quibble from me.
Richard.Mar 22, 2017
great website, easy to use and very rapid delivery.
Cassandra.Mar 23, 2019
Great website. Fast delivery. Would recommend.
Brendon.Mar 23, 2017
Great, fantastic.
Julia.Mar 24, 2019
Great, fast, efficient, service. Transaction went smoothly and quickly. Received order a day or two earlier than expected, so, top marks for getting orders out so quickly.
Kyle.Mar 24, 2017
Great, quick and easy.
Alison.Mar 25, 2019
Great, quick service. Fast and discreet.
Geoffrey.Mar 25, 2017
Great, thank you
Karina.Mar 26, 2019
Great. Easy to use, quick delivery.
Shaun.Mar 26, 2017
Great. Really prompt and easy to order.
Heather CamballMar 27, 2019
Had 3×60. 3 box of regain for man got it next day. Very good price never ever find anywhere else. Excellent services.
Danny.Mar 27, 2017
Had what I wanted. Delivery was on time. Easy site to use.
Alice.Mar 28, 2021
Happy to buy from Med Express, have found them to be a good company.
Adrian.Mar 29, 2021
Happy with service
Elise.Mar 3, 2019
Happy with the delivery and service provided.
Gavin.Mar 3, 2017
Happy with the service and has made my relationship better. Thank you
Rhiannon.Mar 30, 2019
Hassle free
Sean.Mar 31, 2019
Hassle free ordering, very competitive prices and very fast delivery, I have used several times and will definitely use again.
Sophie.Mar 31, 2017
Have long expire date
Hayden.Mar 4, 2019
have not had the results yet.how can i comment when service not completed?
Kristen.Mar 4, 2017
Have recommended to friends.
Matthew.Mar 5, 2019
Haven’t used my product as yet. But the procedure of ordering and guidance was relatively easy. And the product was with me in two days. Absolutely fantastic response
Jessica.Mar 5, 2017
Having been a customer now for almost 2 years, i can only testify to the excellent & friendly service i have always received, and the confidence in the products supplied.
Kyle.Mar 6, 2021
Having never used a generic medical services provider before, 33Drugs were easy to use, provided a great discount as opposed to going directly to the manufacturer and a fast delivery. I will definitely continue to use them in the future.
Sara.Mar 7, 2021
Health Check was no fuss. Order was correct and on time at a competitive price. I will use this service again.
Daniel.Mar 8, 2019
Helpful, speedy delivery,
Sean.Mar 9, 2019
Helpful polite and efficient. what more is there to say? It worked.
Elise.May 1, 2019
Helpful quick and easy to understand, cost affective, good explanation of the tablets I needed
Christopher.May 1, 2017
Hi excellent and responsive service. Cannot fault.
Rebecca.May 10, 2021
High recommended, Easy to use, Good advice. Perfect products, delivered on time.
Trent.May 13, 2021
Highly competitive prices with a choice of more than one manufacturer.
Rachael.May 14, 2021
Highly reccommended
Michael.May 15, 2021
Highly recommend
Amanda.May 16, 2021
Highly recommend service
Jacob.May 17, 2021
Highly recommend their products and service
Bianca.May 19, 2021
Highly recommend, prompt reliable service every time
Andrew.May 2, 2019
Highly recommended quick service so easy to do thanks
Nicole.May 2, 2017
Highly recommended.
Jamie.May 20, 2021
Highly recommended. Excellent product and service. Very fair price compared to others. Promt dispatch means product arrives on time.
Katrina.May 21, 2021
Highly recommended. Product supplied discreetly and on time.
James.May 22, 2021
Highly recommended. Was initially 'nervous' about buying medication over the internet but these guys make it easy, service is fast, efficient, and very discreet. A service to be confident about using.
Lauren.May 23, 2021
Hizli ve kaliteli servis
Troy.May 24, 2021
Honestly thought it would be so much more hassle to get items required without seeing someone directly. Amazing and so easy
Courtney.May 25, 2021
Hurtig og perfekt pakning
David.May 27, 2021
Hurtigt og nemt
Melissa.May 28, 2021
I always order 100mg of strength, and for some reason 50mg went through, whether or not it goes there as a default I do not know. I was horrified when I received half the dosage for the same price. As a long standing customer, you should have queried this. II wrote to you and you said, return the item and I was disappointed. You could have sent me the same dosage again, and brought me to the dosage I thought I had ordered. That would have been loyalty on your behalf and showed me you appreciated my custom.
Todd.May 29, 2021
I am delighted to have discovered 33Drugs some years ago. You can count on my continued support.
Claire.May 3, 2021
I am extremely grateful with online doctor.
Benjamin.May 31, 2021
I am happy with my hair loss control product.
Emma.May 5, 2021
I am so pleased with the service given bu 33Drugs it is easy, straight forward, and feel it is a professional service provided giving me the confidence to be able to pass on private information and it is dealt with in timely way, and the postal service provided is 2nd to none! Very quick and in discreet packaging perfect!
Ashley.May 6, 2021
I am very happy your treatment gave my confidence back.
Kathryn.May 7, 2021
I am very pleased with the service that i have from 33Drugs as i have ordered my products and they arrived the following day.
Luke.May 8, 2021
I bought some tablets from this website and it worked as said on the label, with fast delivery
Amy.May 9, 2021
I can highly recommend TrustedTablets. Good products in right price. Quick delivery.
Grant.Nov 1, 2021
I can not believe how easy the test was to do, clear instructions with exceptionally prompt results.
Joanne.Nov 10, 2021
I can not say any thing less than praises for the service I received from the team. Starting from accurate information to on time delivery. I appreciate
Adam.Nov 11, 2021
I could not work without sumatriptan, to be able to order this and have it delivered to my work saves my life! Thank You TrustedTablets!
Samantha.Nov 12, 2021
I couldn't put an pre payment in, and I couldn't get past the part that wanted card details or an exemption
Gregory.Nov 13, 2021
I couldn't track my order online. The website was a bit confusing in some sense. The order kept postponing. I would rather expect order few dates later then waiting them every single day.
Hannah.Nov 14, 2021
I find MedEcpress to be a really efficient and quick, discreet service.
Joshua.Nov 15, 2021
I found the service first class
Kate.Nov 16, 2021
I got my medication very quickly
Ian.Nov 17, 2021
I got my results in plenty of time before my flight and the process was stress free.
Sally.Nov 18, 2021
I had a dispute with my local doctor surgery receptionist who said i couldn't reorder my Asthma Inhalers!! (I am asthmatic even though mild ) so i panicked and found 33Drugs Thank Goodness for a online pharmacy who respond with speed.
Timothy.Nov 19, 2021
i had an excellent experience with 33Drugs fast delivery fair prices and was able to obtain my migrain tablets without haveing to wait a month for a gp appointment well done medezpress regards gary
Rachel.Nov 2, 2021
I had to collect from the local cal post office. I thought a signature was not required. Other than that it is a great service.
Ben.Nov 20, 2021
I have been using Med Express pharmacy for a while now and have been impressed with the professionalism of the service they offer. From my very first order I have had exhalent service, always on time and correct.
Carly.Nov 21, 2021
I have been very happy with the service I received from Mediexpress.No issues with my orders and prompt discreet delivery based on this I would recommend you service.
Nathan.Nov 22, 2021
I have been with this company now for a few years, and have never had cause to query their excellent Customer Service standards. They are there to review your health requirements, offer medical advice, and to prescribe medicines as appropriate, which are then speedily delivered to your home.
Laura.Nov 24, 2021
I have found that the 33Drugs services are quick and easy to use and that they deliver good quality products promptly and that the products are competitively priced
Shannon.Nov 25, 2021
I have no complaints with their service.
Sophie.Nov 26, 2021
I have no hesitation in recommending them, as I will certainly use them again!
Scott.Nov 27, 2021
I have nothing bad to say about this company. The questionnaire is easy to follow, and once your medication has been authorised it is sent promptly and arrives within a couple of days.
Natalie.Nov 28, 2021
I have ordered from here before and it's very simple to order and fast service!
Jesse.Nov 29, 2021
I have ordered from 33Drugs in the past.this is a first class service with doctor checks a must.service and delivery very fast.i highly recommend TrustedTablets.
Christine.Nov 4, 2021
I have ordered some tablets and it was so quick thank for your speedy service
Mitchell.Nov 5, 2021
I have purchased 3 times from 33Drugs and cannot fault the service. Competitive price and speedy delivery.
Elizabeth.Nov 6, 2021
i have received good service from this pharmacy from ordering [ which was a bit of a bind] to receiving my inhalers.
George.Nov 7, 2021
I have recommended the service to others
Gemma.Nov 8, 2021
I have recommended them to friends and family before to help them find a secure and trusted place to buy medications that would not be prescribed under the NHS (which I understand as they’re not essential medications). I believe that this is a great service.
Thomas.Oct 1, 2021
I have the unfortunate dealings with in the past no wonder the high street is dieing.
Lisa.Oct 10, 2021
I have tried some other services but 33Drugs is the easiest and most reliable with a fast efficient service and keep me informed as to progress of order.
Lachlan.Oct 11, 2021
I have used before very good efficient not a problem to order many thanks
Holly.Oct 12, 2021
I have used 33Drugs a few times now and have always been impressed with how fast and reliable there service has been!
Nicholas.Oct 14, 2021
I have used 33Drugs several times in the past few months and can confidently recommend them. The web site is convenient and easy to use, the company is very professional.
Kylie.Oct 15, 2021
I have used this service twice, and on both occasions it was easy to order, and the items arrived quickly. I will use them again if they remain competitive on price.
Damien.Oct 16, 2021
I highly recommend you use this service.
Louise.Oct 17, 2021
I inputted my details, and my order was excepted, from my armchair, simple🙂
Aaron.Oct 18, 2021
I just wanted to say thanks for the medication. Without it I would not be able to make my girlfriend feel so much love and pleasure.
Danielle.Oct 19, 2021
I like the easy to use website and fast delivery
Corey.Oct 2, 2021
I like this online pharmacy, because They working fast, and I always got what I need. Thanks!
Tegan.Oct 20, 2021
I never go back. Pubs restaurants shops need to learn online shopping is the future.
Peter.Oct 21, 2021
I ordered an inhaler because I ran out and it came so quick 👏🏻
Stephanie.Oct 22, 2021
I ordered my named through this company as unable to get them from my local chemist. They arrived the next morning so I feel this is a first class service,
Dylan.Oct 23, 2021
I ordered online good service
Leah.Oct 24, 2021
I placed an order online which was received quickly and delivered even quicker. Thank you
Ryan.Oct 25, 2021
I placed an order which contained an item that was out of stock (although it was showing up as in stock on the web site). My card was debited for the item although I did not receive it! It took numerous emails to resolve and get a refund! Poor customer service.
Michelle.Oct 27, 2021
I placed the order on Saturday received everything on Monday morning....better than amazon or pharmica...... Hig recommended!
Kevin.Oct 28, 2021
I purchased 2 Ventolin inhalers. My pharmacist wouldn’t supply my repeat prescription without a doctors appointment. I didn’t have the 8654345 days to wait before my holiday. Ordered online arrived within 2 days. Amazing! Highly recommended.
Simone.Oct 29, 2021
I received the product within days of ordering. I have been taking the Alli pills for 2 weeks and have lost five pounds in two weeks.
Jason.Oct 3, 2021
I thought the service is professional but yet paying particular attention to spare embarrassing moments to the client when package the items.
Megan.Oct 30, 2021
I took confidence in my subsequent dealings with them from the thorough on line consultation process required to purchase medication. It is not just order something and expect delivery. Care is taken to ensure that you are fit enough to take the the medication requested. (Assuming you answer truthfully)
Martin.Oct 31, 2021
I tried to make contact by email (2) and telephone after being on hold for a while the line was dropped
Tiffany.Oct 4, 2021
I used the antibody test. It was easy to order online and arrived next working day. I followed the easy instructions and posted my sample in the afternoon. By 6pm next day I received a text message and accessed my result.
Robert.Oct 5, 2021
I was a little unsure about using 33Drugs at first as I had never heard of them but I’m glad I gave them a go as the service and product were great from point of sale to receiving my results (COVID19 Antibody test). I will definitely use 33Drugs again and I would definitely recommend them to friends and family
Erin.Oct 6, 2021
I was able to order what I wanted fairly painlessly and they delivered when they said they would, it was also slightly cheaper than other sites I visited.
Brent.Oct 7, 2021
I was pleased to get the prescription which I needed without having to go through my GP for this 'nonurgent' issue. 33Drugs was good, very professional.
Naomi.Oct 8, 2021
I was very impressed with the efficiency and excellent next day delivery.
Mark.Oct 9, 2021
I will buy again from here. Good communication and prompt delivery
Katie.Sep 1, 2021
I will recommend it too anyone. The best service ever, very professional and efficient.
Dane.Sep 10, 2021
I won’t go anywhere else for my medical supplies! Very prompt polite service
Victoria.Sep 11, 2021
I would be happy to recommend this service to anyone.
John.Sep 12, 2021
I would definitely buy from you again
Ian Patrick.Sep 13, 2021
I would definitely recommend again
Darren.Sep 14, 2021
I would highly recommend your service.
Fiona.Sep 15, 2021
I would order more in future
Paul.Sep 16, 2021
I would recommend 33Drugs for their quick response and quick delivery of the product.
Jennifer.Sep 17, 2021
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